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  1. I always wondered if the issue was due to the stroke. An L28 block needs added clearance once you go to the LD28 crank. I think the LD28 has a larger clearance for the bigger stroke as well. As for value, very few people will be interested in the LD block, rebello might buy it from you so give him a call. I just bought an LD crank in great shape for 1100 shipped. shipping was $100. I think this is a fair price for the crank based on the current market.
  2. I would be willing to give you $50 if you could get the conrods out and send them to me in michigan. Would take the block but no need and shipping would be stupid.
  3. gotta love how that video switches between cars and other candy at the track.
  4. is it just me or does that motor look shifted towards the firewall?
  5. I definitely want to go to the car show in roosevelt park, but I looked around on google and can't even find a site with any info, like what time or anything like that. I missed last year and was pretty sad about that!
  6. Hahaha I'll keep it in mind, speaking of skanky old race cars, are you going to the vintage race at waterford?
  7. Haha thanks Steve and Black Gold man! I will try to contact Shant, I read that article a couple of weeks ago, that 240 is beatiful. Also thank you for offering your 280zx, I'll keep it in mind.
  8. Hi, I'm getting married here soon, and me and my fiance are going to do engagement pictures. She is well aware of my passion with the Z car and so she suggested why don't we take our engagement pictures with a classic car or datsun. Since neither of my cars is exactly picture worthy, I am reaching out. So if anyone with a nice 240z in the area would let us take some pictures with their car I'd greatly appreciate it. I don't need to drive the car or even hold the keys to it, just want to take some pictures. We have a photographer for this sunday afternoon so that'd be the best time. We could do some shots of the car alone so you can have some nice pictures of your car as well. Mainly looking for a 240z without too many modifications. Thank you
  9. Possibly 280zx turbo factory wheels http://carphotos.cardomain.com/ride_images/1/3459/1241/8645620057_large.jpg I have a bucket full of lugnuts if you're interested
  10. When I bought my Front frame rails from Charlie at zedd findings there was a mistake in the price which caused me to pay $40 dollars in brokerage fees. It seems that there are no fees if the item is valued under $200 US (watch the conversion rate) Charlie reinburssed me for that in form of a discount on a set of floor pans which was great of him but it is something to watch out for. I also have a z car buddy in Windsor that I can use to have parts shipped to him, which works as well and vice versa. So if any canadian guys in near detroit need to have anything shipped to a US address to save on fees, let me know. Glad to help Z guys!
  11. Hi, I was actually the first caller on this car, almost bought it but in the end I was lacking the funds. Looks like a great car and I wish you a lot of luck with it! I have the original radio out of my January/70 car, I will not be using a radio or at least the stock radio in my car so if you want it PM me. Again congrats and welcome to the Z family... it's sort of an addiction
  12. Looks like you'll be on the road before the end of the season this year! Great work as always!
  13. Great work, now to craigslist to look for a computer chair for mine!
  14. I've seen that car on craigslist for a couple of months now I think his asking price was 23,000.
  15. This is slightly off topic but even thou the major belief is that all the oil spray bars are identical through out the years, look at this one I pulled off a 1976 fairlady Z. It had an e88 head thou and I don't believe that was stock on the L20. It seems to be a stamped block design rather than a cast, not sure on how well this works but there is no wiggle in any of the tubes.
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