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Rebuild kit for 280ZX 5 speed recommendations


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Hi All,

I've decided to replace the 4 speed in my 73 with the 280ZX close ratio 5 speed, specifically the FS5W71B. Eiji at Datsunspirit.com will be rebuilding the trans and has asked if I prefer original Nissan parts or aftermarket. There are several kits available including this one for a FS5W71 from drivetrain.com Not sure what the "b" suffix means with respect to this kit.

I would like the highest quality kit available, so if any of you have had experience with this please share your experiences.


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Really depends on what you plan on doing with the car and what's in your wallet. An aftermarket ZX tranny rebuild kit goes for less than $100. but I'm not sure what an OEM kit costs. How you drive your car is more important to the life of the tranny than the parts you install, IMHO.

I have driven 30,000 hard miles with a few track days thrown in and could go another 30,000 but I rebuild mine if I have the engine out and it's been more than 4 yrs regardless of the miles driven.

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The comment on zspecialties' site about the synchro rings is interesting. Oliver, the owner, might be worth a call or an e-mail. He's been helpful when I've talked to him.

Syncro Ring 1st through 4th 70-83: Drivetrain Z - 40124-EPDT - Z Specialties Online Store - If we don't have it in stock, we can get it!

What he says is ture. They all use the same synchros except the 280zx turbo which is a BW T5.

The 5th is a fibre ring (No longer available) which was change to a brass ring in the FS5W71C and its a little smaller in diameter.


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I didn't know the internet would turn the link in to an advertisement. I was referring to his comments about quality, in the text on the page -

"We've seen a lot of problems with a lot of different less expensive syncro rings for these transmissions. Years ago we decided not to install or sell them anymore. No one likes having to do a job twice because of junk parts. We've never had a single problem with this style. Be wary of less expensive syncro rings."

It may be that not all baulk rings are the same. But, as gnosez says, maybe it depends on how you intend to use the transmission.

As far as cost, Nissan charges about the same as zspecialties for one ring. But I don't think that Nissan sells a kit, although you can get bearings and seals individually also.

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Thanks all. My spirited driving days are far behind for both me and my 73, so this will just be a weekend cruiser. The original clutch lasted for 38 years and 92k miles.

For the price that Z Specialties wants for the syncros, I'll probably be better off at my local Nissan dealer. I should probably get the bearings and seals there too unless someone knows for sure that aftermarket are of the same quality at a lower price.

If the fiber 5th gear baulk ring (syncro) is NLA, what have others done for a replacement?


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You implied that the Drivetrain.com (Post #3) kit would be fine since your spirited driving days are over. It's cheap and almost complete. The missing bearing and nuts are available from courtesyparts.com (tamo3). I've bought bearings, seals and the countershaft lock nut from them within the last couple of years.

You might try courtesyparts.com for the synchros also to be sure. Shows as available on their web site, and even cheaper than I thought. Put it in the cart and look at the red dot. - RING-BAULK :: Nissan Parts, NISMO and Nissan Accessories - Courtesyparts.com

You can get part numbers from here, the 71B gear sets are essentially the same up to 83. Datsun 280Z Transmission Gears, Speedometer Pinion (5 Speed-FS5W71B) (From Aug.-'76)

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  • 3 months later...

Thanks Zed Head,

I order the nuts.

Last night, I finally removed the punched nuts. I try to bend back the punched area of the nut did not work. Finally, I grinned it carefully not to damage the main shaft, and successfully remove the nut!


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Oops. courtesyparts.com doesn't have mainshaft nuts (Parts#32354-A7400 NUT)

I order it

Everything Nissan.com (Pinnacle Nissan-Infiniti)

They just send back refund.

Then, I order it

Nissan Parts Cheap

They don't have it neither...

Now I'm ordering it to

dealer direct parts.com


nissan parts connection.com

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