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Oil Pan Removal


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You can get it out, but its a lot of work. I have never done it to a z, but I know someone that did it. He removed both engine mounts, radiator hoses, fan shroud, some other hoses and cables so he could use a jack to lift the engine (with a block of wood under the front pulley) high enough and get the pan out. The transmission bellhousing is what makes it hard. You need so much height to get the angle under the bellhousing and not damage the oil pick-up.

Clean all the surfaces. Place the pan under the block and fit the gasket. Dont glue the gasket first and try put the pan back under the block. You will damage the gasket. Support the top of the engine while you do this because its free to swing around and damage parts.

I can remember he wasnt in a very good mood after doing it.

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Fan shroud
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I did it many times on my '72 240z with L28 with the front of the car lifted.

You just need to get rid of all the bolts, carefully lower the pan, spin it a little to get some room around the pan (gearbox & cross member) and remove it. Never apply force during the process, you have the oil pick up in the way you do not want to bend or break.

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I second what Lazeum just said. I did it on my 240z as well. I had to remove a small clamp that was on my steering rack and lifted the front of the engine just slightly using a board against the crank but that was all. Its a tight fit but it came off and went back on without any issues.

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Well I hope you make out ok. I just finished mine up and got a shower. Its always nice when you lay your head back on the concrete into a puddle of used motor oil. I was very surprised at how bad mine was actually leaking but thankful that job is done.

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