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Atlanta Caffeine & Octane - Nov 4, 2012


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Being the first Sunday of the month, I got myself out of bed early (thanks, in part, to the two four-legged alarm clocks asking for breakfast) to participate in the ritual Caffeine and Octane. Fortunately, with the time change, many other S30 owners were also able to wake up early, too. We had ten lined up (with one Z32 breaking it up right at the end). That's the most we've ever had gathered at one time for Caffeine & Octane. We were discussing turn signal switches, and I ended up testing a couple of switches for club members. It didn't hurt that I was taking apart a turn signal switch earlier this week to study its function and to clean it up.

There were the usual exotics and beautifully restored cars from the 50s & 60s in attendance. However, a ratty-looking 280ZX seemed to garner the most attention. The video at the link will tell you why.





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Here is their website: http://www.caffeineandoctane.com/

It's the first Sunday of the month. The next one is December 2. I usually get there around 7AM, and the main lot is full by about 7:30.

The location is at the corner of Windward Parkway and Deerfield Parkway in Alpharetta/Milton. You take GA 400 to Exit 11 and go west for a couple of blocks.

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Can someone explain to me WHY you need an APU in a car?...Any Car. Can someone also explain to me why you would waste time and effort doing something like this. The owner could have a really nice car considering the money spent

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Sometimes "because it can be done" is enough of an answer. Maybe the owner just wanted to do something unique. Maybe he just wants to wrench on something other people wouldn't touch. It doesn't matter. I loved seeing something that I haven't seen in person before. :)

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I went to this last month, http://www.importatlanta.com/forums/events-meets-shows/332406-vintage-class-oldschool-car-meet-1990-older-sunday-nov-18-%401pm-dunwoody.html a different crowd but some nice Zs showed up.


My next trip up may have to be for Caffeine and Octane.

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