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  1. Who cares about period correct If I ever get mine done, I snatched a relay box from a Mazda B2200. All I really had to do was make some brackets to mount, run a new cable from the starter (single post feeds all the fuses), and crimp on some female spade connectors to the old wires. Heck even gave me a 5th slot that I am gonna use for my FI Harness whenever I get it redone. So practicality first for those who aren't trying to win at the car shows that matter
  2. Id have told him I would give him a deal and part with it for 100k
  3. One of these days I will get all the pics I have uploaded on here
  4. Plenty more work before she ever gets done...mainly body work as far as time is concerned, so today I got bored trying to figure out what I was going to do with the grill, and figured I would just post of the mock up pic of most of the body parts on it. Hasn't been this close to being "together" for years. It won't end up being a show car, but a nice daily driver when I am done. Excuse the red fender...I was just too lazy to grab the original and had the extra one from the 240z I picked up. When I am done, it will have the 240z front end (I know plenty of work to get it close to right). And excuse the piece of wood holding up the bumper, still have to mod the original brackets Main work I still need to do, replace the injectors, rebuild fuel harness, put brackets back in engine compartment, fiberglass work for the replacement rear fender repair panels (dad had flares on it that were done badly, so much butchery on my part to clean up), fiberglass on some fender holes, doors, and back side of wheel wells, redo front section of body harness (rats yikes!), clean up of rust and put some nice por-15 on hidden areas with truck bed coating over it, and some stuff that is held up for spare cash to get such as weatherstripping and paint when I also get far enough. Maybe this year I will finally get it done. But bottomline, figured I would finally share with you all my Z.
  5. One thing I don't look forward to having done to mine when it gets to that point. I got lucky with my 280z even with it having been bought for my dad when it was new. I have rust and dirt inside the frame rail (and slightly bent and lucky as hell that it didn't get messed up far enough to have caused rust) that I spent a day having fun with a blow gun for about half an hour trying to get a chunk of it out. Btw, any tips for trying to get something on the inside of the rails to help delay the inevitable?
  6. Pic before I put in the speakers, and yes it is a little off and the speakers are set behind the seats but are fine from what testing I did
  7. Better yet, since the tales of caution of spares, build yourself a cooler that can be removed and fit snuggly between the strut towers. I built a removable speaker box/tool compartment (for access to stuff outside the tool compartments that can be stored) that worked well, and you can make it where it doesnt require any permanent or rather noticeable modifications.
  8. Just out of curiousity, what are the value of the 77-78 Nissan "mags"? Lets just say for sake of argument that they are in sitting in somebody's backyard for the past 20 years condition without the emblems (actually have no idea of condition). Also for a set of the 14" 5 slot wheels as well. Currently I have the set of 5 slots on the 71 240z I picked up the other weekend (parting out since it is about all it is worth) and the 77-78 wheels are another parts car I may be picking up if I can get rid of enough stuff. I do also realize that value for something like this does get down to more of what somebody who wants them is willing to pay, so reasonable price ranges that yall may have seen would work fine.
  9. Pity we can't run the year correct tags for most of the Zs here in Georgia...Only the lucky 1970 240zs get that honor. Cause if they would move it up for us, I have a 76 tag that I have my eye on at a local restaurant hehehe... Off topic, I know
  10. At least the original integrity wasn't compromised with the speaker system...but the rest though, who really cares? And btw...I WANNA FLIP THE SWITCH!!! Seriously, red toggle switch cover behind the choke.
  11. Almost thought I might have had one with the 71 240z I just picked up yesterday...but then I remembered it was in the process of being swapped to manual >_<
  12. All I know is that the guy i'm getting it from got it just 3 days earlier, from a guy who had done some work to it, but was still plenty of a project, and had some health issues with a family member so he had to resell it.
  13. Marietta, I am gonna guess you called him after I did. I hate that he has to wait til Saturday for me to get it, but glad to know how nice of a guy he is about holding it for me.
  14. Dang, i should live in his world. I could sell the 240z im picking up this weekend for at least 10k
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