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Please vote for my alternative energy business, help me win a grant!


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The small business a friend and I started is in a contest for a small business grant. Fedex is offering a $25,000 grand prize and a few $5k runner ups for small businesses:

Established in the Spring of 2011, Buffalo Motor Works occupies a specific niche that participates and promotes environmental conservation in addition to drastic cost savings to the consumer. Engaged in the sale of alternative energy vehicles, we are the only source in the entire region specializing in pre-owned alternative energy vehicle sales. Inventory such as hybrids, compressed natural gas, and clean diesels drastically reduce harmful emissions, and their efficiency saves consumers money!

We at Buffalo Motor Works believe strongly that we can promote efficiency and make it easy to obtain for the consumer. Alternative energy vehicles are available from franchise dealers brand new, but for those in the pre-owned market there is no source concentrated on alternative energy. We are involved not only in the process of vehicle sales but also promotion of alternative energy programs, our task is great but continuation assists the environment and contributes to a safer tomorrow.

Currently operating in a somewhat remote location, it is essential we incorporate a retail location in a much higher traffic area. We are also extremely hopeful of adding a retail repair shop specializing in hybrid maintenance: our innovative ideas and practices can provide significant cost savings in the maintenance of alternative energy vehicles, as well as increase awareness of alternative energy benefits and dispel the myths that may dissuade people. Expansion means job creation!


You can vote every day!

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