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  1. Looking to sell series 1 240z carburetor setup, e46 intake manifold and 4 screw SU carbs w linkage, that indicates they came from a series 1 240z 1970-71. Ran when parked but they've been on the shelf for some years. $295 +ship without air cleaner. Includes everything shown (besides air cleaner piece). Have PayPal and Venmo Available for pickup in Buffalo, NY, will ship at buyer's expense You can text if you'd prefer, 716-7two5-5366
  2. This car was sold at Niagara Falls Datsun in 1973. Manual transmission. In the 70's the car was painted red, the g nose and flares were added at that time as well. The g nose is said by Datsun to add 13mph to the top speed of the vehicle, though I've never tested that heh. My uncle bought the car in 1982, the previous owner was a friend of my father's. My uncle had a welder cut out any rust in the floors and put in new metal, he said the car wasn't too bad when he got it. Still have the original warranty booklet, owners manual and service manual, and it looks like an extended warranty was purc
  3. This came in a 240z I got a few years ago, I parted the car out as a friend of a friend wanted something for an lsx swap and my uncle has been trying to sell me his 240z for ages. The z I bought from my uncle has a rebuilt numbers matching original motor so I’m not changing it. This L28 came from a 280z and is supposedly built. Unsure what it has, could be just a cam, I wasn’t the one who put it together. N42 block, N47 head. Turns by hand. Remanufactured starter. Intake and exhaust manifolds were on until I just removed them, it wasn’t sitting exposed. L28’s originally came in 280z’s but the
  4. speaking of which... I just got this Which means I have to sell this. ONLY $6700!!!!!!
  5. http://www.dmv.ny.gov/proove.htm 3/4 way down the page If the Acceptable Proof of Ownership is not Available If the acceptable proofs of ownership are not available, use these instructions to get the acceptable proof of ownership. Titled Vehicles If the seller has a title certificate that was transferred to the seller by the previous owner, and the title certificate displays the name of the previous owner, the seller must get a title certificate that displays the name of the seller. Use the instructions to apply for a title certificate only. If the seller cannot get a title certificate that di
  6. In New York State you only need to transfer registration for cars 1973 and older, they had no titles. Check out the DMV website, there's a simple protocol to obtain if you don't have it
  7. The small business a friend and I started is in a contest for a small business grant. Fedex is offering a $25,000 grand prize and a few $5k runner ups for small businesses: Established in the Spring of 2011, Buffalo Motor Works occupies a specific niche that participates and promotes environmental conservation in addition to drastic cost savings to the consumer. Engaged in the sale of alternative energy vehicles, we are the only source in the entire region specializing in pre-owned alternative energy vehicle sales. Inventory such as hybrids, compressed natural gas, and clean diesels drasticall
  8. Extensive collection, but it's never been substantiated (at least to my knowledge) that Jay Leno is in the know. Perceived as more of an interest-in-cars-with-a-big-purse. now Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee on the other hand, is geniuns.
  9. well my dd is an e36m3, 4 door 5 sp with a few mods. I would like to get back to my e30 roots and get an e30m3 but it's tough: I don't mind dd'ing the e36, it's ok when it gets a little abuse, dings, etc. A couple weeks ago someone hit the front and took off, ~$1600 in damage! But I would feel pretty uncomfortable using an e30m3 for anything where it's left unattended, too rare. Some day I hope to get an e30m3 shell and put an s54 in My garage has lot, . 16,000 square feet. My business specializes in the sales of alternative energy vehicles, so a bunch of Priuses and Civic Hybrids, a few CNG
  10. Went to the vintage event at Watkins Glen last weekend, had a great time. I took my e36 m3 (240z has a ways to go before driveability) but my dad took his 71 240z. He's 60, bought & restored it 32 or 33 years ago! We've been going to that weekend every year for almost 25 years, it's great. Every Friday, after a great ~3.5 hour cruise through rural WNY/CNY we pull into town to see a the entire strip completely consumed by vintage cars and racers. Those participating in the vintage show get to do a few laps of the original track, which ran through the city from '48-52. Then the vintage racer
  11. Hey, I was just wondering the bolt pattern and offset for my 70 240z. I want 17's, would i need a 40 or 45 profile tire? also, i know 205's will fit, but I was thinking like 205 up front 225 in back. 7.5" rims. What offset, and what will fit? Thanks.
  12. well the sr20det is looking better and better. I can get it shipped to my door for 2500, and also it is a lot lighter than any of the rb-dett motors. i am only concerned with installation. I will have to change to FI, but I mean motor mounts, axles, I do not know.
  13. Hey, sorry if this isn't the right topic for this post, I am new here. My name is Andre, I live in Buffalo, NY. I have owned my '70 240z for 2 years, it has been in heated storage for 11 years (my dad was the previous owner, he has 3 other 240's). I am selling my current car (94 honda accord) and wanted to get a 300zx z32, but im thinking about taking the money to work on my datsun. I am contemplating a 280zxt motor and building the turbo, an sr20det, or an rb26dett. I'm not sure if the sr20 and rb26 would fit. What do you guys think I should do, and are the parts readily available, and
  14. I live on the east coast, western new york to be exact. i am thinking of doing such a swap, does anyone have any links as to where i could get info, and a supplier for such motors? thanks a lot.
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