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71 240Z. Muffler position. Vertical or horizontal?


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My Z is going into the muffler shop at 1:30 today. I've noticed most early Z's have the muffler more vertical than horizontal. Is there a reason for that or is it personal preference? I even showed the muffler shop guy some pictures of Z's with the muffler hung vertical and he says that it looks bad. I do prefer to hang it horizontal, but I don't want to find out later that hanging it horizontal creates issues with something else.

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So here it is. I think eliminating the resonator was a mistake. Since this has an automatic transmission, I think the louder sound, sounds crappy. If this were a manual, it would sound great going through the gears. At least I can always add the resonator. Or maybe a manual transmission....Hmmmmmm.post-18334-14150820116884_thumb.jpg

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After driving my car about 3K miles, I couldn't stand the noise at about 2200 to 2700 RPM. Took it to a Mom & Pop shop, replaced from the header back with 2 1/4" pipe, placing a resonator in the center and a round muffler in back. The muffler was originally for a small tractor, 16 X 6 with center in & out finished off with a chrome tip 2 inches further than the bumper.

Bonzi Lon

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