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First Z car! Early 74 260z!


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Hey guys, just picked up this early 260z and so far I'm loving it!


Is fairly rust free, just needs a few minor spots patched. Runs and drives GREAT! Has a header which the previous owner said came from the factory, not sure if thats true or not.

Changed the oil, trans fluid, differential fluid and spark plugs already. Not sure what else to do as far as maintenance.

Anyway, I'll be lurking and trying to contribute as much as possible on here and if anyone knows of any Datsun car meets in Florida hit me up!

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Congrats on the new car. I have an early 74 260Z also (s/n 3836). Does yours still have the "flat top," carburetors? There is some pretty serious power and drive-ability improvements to be had by changing to the early round top carbs.

Have fun with your car, enjoy the ride!

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On the other hand, flat tops done right give very good performance and reliability. If they are there and working, focus on lots of other things (rotting rubber, etc.) before dropping a few hundred to replace a working component.

Captain Obvious, are you ready to share what you've learned about the flat tops, yet?

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