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  1. Awesome, thats what I figured I might have to do... Thanks
  2. I know this might be a stupid question, but I want to remove the dash from my 260z in order to repair it. Since I work quite a bit, I would still need the car as a daily driver. Will removing the dash render my car inoperable? Or will it still start, run, and drive just the same? Thanks
  3. Car started, turned the lights on and it immediately died. When I tried to restart the car is when I heard the clicking from the fuel pump. Starter turns fine. Car just wont refire.
  4. Ok thanks for the info. New problem, car was running great and charging fine after quickly blipping the throttle on start up.. Went out tonight to drive the car, turned the key to the accessory position and heard a clicking from the gas tank which I am assuming is the electric fuel pump. Tried starting the car and it wouldnt fire no matter what.
  5. The charge lamp wire is connected to the lamp terminal.. I am not sure where the charge light is tho, or whether or not my car even has one.. The only light I have ever seen on the dash is the parking brake light
  6. Thanks for the links, they helped me alot. Got the alternator wired up the way I felt it should based on the threads linked and wiring diagrams and I am having a slight issue. Upon start up the alternator doesnt charge but if I rev my engine to around 3500 rpms it kicks on and charges from there on out. Any suggestions to why I have to rev the motor to get the alternator to start charging? And what could I do to possibly fix this?
  7. Found a ride to work in the morning.. Looking to finish this conversion sometime within the next couple days.. Ive done a ton of research but havent found any definitive answer. If you have any information that could help me I would greatly appreciate it!
  8. I am trying to convert my early 260z over to the 280zx alternator. I have found write-ups for the 240z and the 280z but have yet to come across a definitive write-up for the 260z! I need to finish this conversion asap because I have work in the morning! If anyone could lead me in the right direction with this I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks
  9. Replaced the slave cylinder and added fresh brake fluid and all is well again
  10. Yes the friction point is noticeably closer to the floor then it was and now the clutch doesn't do anything when I push it to the floor. If I pump the clutch like 10 times it starts to build enough pressure to force it into gear, but thats still not good. So it is definitely a hydraulic issue, looking in the service manual there isnt much on troubleshooting the slave and master cylinder, what should I be looking for and how hard is it to fix? Thanks!
  11. Recently I picked up an early 260z, it runs and drives great, but lately i have been having an issue with the transmission. My problem is the transmission is hard to get into first gear and has started grinding when shifting into reverse. I drained and replaced the transmissions gear lube two days ago when I bought the car. Is this a common problem with the Z cars? And what should I be looking for to remedy this issue! Thanks
  12. Hey guys, just picked up this early 260z and so far I'm loving it! Is fairly rust free, just needs a few minor spots patched. Runs and drives GREAT! Has a header which the previous owner said came from the factory, not sure if thats true or not. Changed the oil, trans fluid, differential fluid and spark plugs already. Not sure what else to do as far as maintenance. Anyway, I'll be lurking and trying to contribute as much as possible on here and if anyone knows of any Datsun car meets in Florida hit me up!
  13. Mind posting how you painted the car? Did you have to thin the paint at all? How many coats? Etc
  14. Hi all, My name is James and Im from Sarasota, Florida. I drive a slightly modified 1985 shelby charger turbo. I recently got back from the 2 hours of sebring race and saw a 240Z that REALLY caught my eye. I have always been fans of these cars so I have started looking for one... I have around $1200 to spend. Can I find a decent Z car for that much? Also what are some good websites for information and performance modifications and write ups? Thanks
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