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Trans and diff gear oil


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Amazon carries it for about $12 a qt. if you can't find it locally. BTW, I don't think you need that much. I'm remembering just about 1 qt. for the diff and 2qts. for the trans. I'm not near my FSM, but you might want to check that first. No point in buying extra. You won't need to change it for a long time.

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Then yep, you are correct. I guess I was basing the trans on what I actually used. It must have at least 1/8 qt. trapped. As for the diff, I was thinking of the R180. You have an R200 in your manual trans 280, so it will take over a qt.

I've been told to apply lots of heat to the fill plug for easier removal. I still haven't gotten the plug out of my '78. I filled my 260's R200 through the vent since the diff was out and I couldn't get the plug loose.

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I used heat on the aluminum around the plug. Aluminum expands more with heat than steel and, apparently, Nissan used a thread sealer on the plugs that softens with heat. My fill plug would only move when the area was hot and would bind up again when it cooled. Heat makes a big difference.

I use a big crescent wrench on the male plugs.

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