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New to the Z world.

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Hello all, Jeff is my name.

I've been lurking for the last few weeks, waiting until we picked up our new Z before posting.

Well, first off your probably looking at my log in name and scratching your head. I'm in the process of building a 49 Oldsmobile fastback, it's the name I'm used to using on any forum I belong too.

My almost 16 year old son and I were offered a 1974 260Z, that we just couldn't pass up! My boy, Eric has been looking for the last 2 years for a car.

He told me he wanted a car that doesn't look like every other car on the road.

My neighbor across the road has a 73 240Z, that Eric has been helping with and going for rides in. Then out of the blue this clean 260 fell into our laps and we couldn't say no.

It's only got 92,000 miles and we are the third owners.

It's mostly original and unmolested with only 1 repaint.

It runs strong and drives great!

It needs some work like any 36 year old car would, this forum looks like a great place to learn and share ideas with, hopefully I don't ask too many newby questions.

Sorry for rambling on but I think I'm more excited then the kid is!

Here's a few pics.




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Great find - Diggin' those seats and door panels.

The best part about an old 2 seater for your kid is he wont be hauling a bunch of his buddies around. Down side for him he wont be hauling a bunch of his buddies around.

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Yes, it is a very nice interior and color. Don't tell your son, but this car will hold 3 chicks and the driver. Tested and confirmed. The smallest one we folded up and put in the hatch area. :) Crazy college days.

Bonzi Lon

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I noticed the 260 came with it's own stick....

LOL..yeah the car has a couple electrical gremlins, sometimes it won't start when you hit the key (but the solenoid clicks) the PO had the stick to push the big bundle of wires to the left of the fuse panel, then the car will start.

I think it's an early anti theft device.

I found a pile of invoices in the glove box.

It's got Eibach springs, new Pirelli tires, new brakes, rad, alterantor, starter etc.

It's had the passenger side floor pan under the seat replaced.

A bit of rust is starting on the DS rear quarter under the bumper and a bit is showing on the bottoms of the front fenders.

We were doing some more cleaning last night, the spare tire has been replaced but the rim itself has never been on the car.


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