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    Just scored a 73 Z from a junkyard for $1000. It runs. It stops! It has issues, but we will fix them.

    5/20/10: One of the guys from school gave me a Black Dragon catalog, said he got it from his brother in law, who lives in the same town this car came from. This guy knew the PO of my Z, AND the Z, and was pleased I had gotten it.
  1. no tread separation, tires will be replaced eventually but not hurrying because for the most part it's just sitting in the garage until I save up money to get the suspension worked on/replaced and I do other small stuff to it in the meantime. My guess is that it could be anything mentioned. Tie rods lack bushings entirely on both sides. Until seats can be bolted down and the gas tank drip fixed it's not going much further than around the block, anyway. I was going to do these things to it a couple of months ago but, as is what often happens, something else needed money thrown at it that I
  2. I was finally able to get out and take a drive around the neighborhood last night... very late last night when there was no traffic around. It was AWESOME, first of all, even with its problems (that I have been chipping away at, slowly but surely). One thing I noticed on a straight, flat, recently paved bit of neighborhood street was that the car seems to have what I can only describe as a waddle. Very front-endish. As if the wheels were rotating like something out of a cartoon. That, instead of tracking straight, there is a wobble. Obviously a suspension issue, but can someone give me a
  3. Drat! I used to live in that area! Enjoy it!
  4. I have to say that this is the mellowest forum I've ever been a member of. I sold Avon for a few years, and Avon provides a forum for their reps, and those ladies are <i>crazy</i>.
  5. I'm not going to be able to come to this, with or without the Z. Kinda bummed. I have a trip to Portland scheduled the same time and it's with a group and there's no "let's make a stop in Canby for Pril" on the rented van itinerary. Catch y'all next year, though.
  6. I have mine insured through Country on the same policy as our 4runner. Since it's a work in progress and has not been driven more than 2 miles since I got it, I figured that was just fine to have basic liability on it- a little more than the state minimum, as well, since they won't do just the state minimum. I can worry about better insurance later, once it stops looking and acting like an insurance company's worst nightmare. I just wanted enough insurance so I could test drive it, take it places to have things looked at, etc.
  7. I'll just say this, sbblake- in a previous life where I was not so much of an upstanding citizen, I never knew any of my buddies to carry around a spare wire when they went out to "borrow" other people's cars- nor would any of them have been willing to look under the hood to figure out why one wouldn't start, and perhaps two of them would have been able to identify, immediately, that the wire was missing and that it had anything to do with the car starting or not. None of them would have run off to the nearest Pep Boys to buy a new wire, run back to the car and install it and then steal it.
  8. coil wire. goes anywhere with you!
  9. I remove the wire that goes from the thingie to the other thingie. Car won't start no matter what someone tries to do to it. Maybe they could push it, or tow it, but most thieves are on for the get in, start it and go, and anything that takes more than a few minutes to grab, they won't- the longer they **** around with a car, the more likely they are to get caught. Broken into and stolen out of? Yeah, I don't keep anything in my cars that I want to keep... You spend your early life living in Los Angeles and certain things always stick with you. You learn those lessons, you keep your stuf
  10. I'm a girl! Have fun with your Z! I've had my 240 for about a month and am finally able to start getting dirty on it. It's "driveable" but not particularly safely driveable. Taking it over to a friend's shop later today to do some stuff on it then in the next week or so it will FINALLY get its gas tank fixed and I'll be ordering the proper seat rails for it so I can get some junker seats in from one of the 280s at the yard. Yay for between-terms breaks! It's hard to decide what to work on first, and mine is one that if you shut your eyes and throw a wad of bubblegum at it, you'll hit somethin
  11. here's what I got for $995 (mine's a 73 tho)- running (just ok. much better now) no brakes (also fixed now) windows all work interior mildly trashed, seats from something else PO was a crazy person body in decent shape, sat outside for at least a year or two of Klamath, Oregon winter/summers some rusty parts, some bondo-ey parts, mostly good steel I've got pictures of it here. I haven't made much progress on it but that's about to change.
  12. Yeah, I don't know what color to call this.
  13. Check that out- the bondo is lifting up.
  14. Check that out- the bondo is lifting up.
  15. Check that out- the bondo is lifting up.
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