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Removing interior panel


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Hey guys

How exactly does one remove the little clips that hold the panels on to the interior? I've tried using a screw driver but that ended up breaking it in half? Any ideas would be great?


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There is a plastic center pin that you simply push through. Once the pin is removed the entire clip can pop out. Once you remove all of the clips the panel itself will come right off and at that point you can go searching for all of the pins that fell out on the back side.

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The good news is they are nearly exactly 1/8" (0.125) diameter. Hobby stores are your friend. Won't find the color you're after, but if black, then a black sharpie is also your friend.

I swear I lost 500 of those things in my car before I finally put 8-32 nut- serts in every hole and used machine screws.


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I found that if you use a Shop Vac and put a length of nylon stocking or panty hose in the inlet of the hose to act like a filter. Then use a length of heater hose and duct tape it to the end of the Shop vac hose,it acts like a crevice tool.

This will allow you to get into the small spaces. I found several pins from the past owners this way.


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I went to the local paint and body supply shop and found a whole bunch of fasteners for various makes and models. I ended up using something like this which was specifically used in Nissan applications.

Sounds a lot better than the option the PO chose on my car.

He used some fastener which looks like that, but has a plastic screw, the head of which is designed to shear off when it's in tight... that or he CUT them off once he had them screwed in. They are flush, and impossible to push the center in.

I bought the genuine article Nissan clips for whenever I need to pull a panel, but it is an absolute nightmare to get the old ones out.

Anyone encountered those types of clips, and have a good way to remove them? I'm trying to avoid mangling the panel, or the body mounted hole through which the clip goes on the backside.

It's been 6 years or so since I had to remove any of them, but I seem to remember they worked a lot like drywall anchors - the type that splay outward when the screw pulls the far end inward.

Here's a picture:


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I'd consider a small drill bit at slow speed straight through the center of the broken plastic screw. You could then go with a bigger bit as needed. Sooner or later you'll remove enough plastic that the part of the clip that expands behind the panel won't stay expanded. Another option is to use some pliers like this to simply cut the entire head off of the fastener provided there's enough wiggle room to get the pliers under the head.

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