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My new project


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Hello all i am new to this whole thread thing but i just am at a crossroads. i will post some pictures and i want anyones opinions on what i should do im totally and utterly stumped. here is the 1970 datson 240z my grandma gave me and i was just wondering what i should do about the smash. other than that there is no rust and is completely solid. thanks.



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Don't mean to sound rude but seriously, rethink the amount of work you're willing to put into it.

I would Personally remove the best parts, gut it,

Clean all the parts you remove and set them aside.

Go find another 240Z that needs the parts you have. Buy it for cheap. Instal your nice clean parts, drive and be happy. See there, easy peasy, mac and cheesy.

Good luck on what ever you decide.


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loooooootsa work that one, I'd check the tramming to see if the chassis is misaligned from the damage, if not, I would replace the roof and the inner and outer quarter panel.

Good bit of money to have someone do. What is the Vin on the car?

It could be fixed with enough time, skill, or money.

PS-I did tell everyone I have been busy with Larrys car...



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