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    1972 240Z. Purchased from original owner. Mechanically sound. Typical rust issues. Interior needs complete replacement. Paint trashed. 2-3 year restore timeline.
  1. spotty

    which seat belts are better?

    I just finished installing a set of Wesco WELR belts in my 240 last weekend. Comfortable, easy to install, and most importantly, upped the safety factor from the near 40 year old originals.
  2. spotty

    New windshield advice

    The price included the seal. My old chrome inserts fit fine and it had the bluish tint as required by the DOT. With tax the whole operation came to around $296. Make sure your headliner and pillar trim is glued down.
  3. spotty

    New windshield advice

    Safelite. Glass and installation $280 in my driveway. Written lifetime warranty. Did a great job.
  4. spotty

    Datsun 240z

  5. spotty

    Door Seals

    Weatherstrip from Precision is generally one size fits all crap. I installed it on my 240's inner rear hatch and the doors and could not get either to close without violent slamming. It also raised the height of the hatch nearly a quarter of an inch above the roof on the passenger side. The old adage of "give it 6, 8 months or a year to relax" is BS. Not acceptable. You have two choices as I see it: buy the oem weatherstrip from Nissan (good but expensive) or go to the pick and pull and get creative. I found a Kia sportage with very nice door strips and took the rear hatch seal from mid-nineties Acura Integra. The doors close as they should with no air or water leaks and the hatch closes with a nice tight thud.
  6. spotty

    240z carb tuning

    Not to undermine the extent of your problem, but it is imperative that you begin to educate yourself on the workings of these nearly forty year old cars before aimlessly turning screws, bending levers and hoping for a miracle. the SU carb is for the most part a very simple mechanical device that when properly tuned will give years of reliable performance with little attention. Start with the basics by knowing which model SU your L28 is equipped with; round top, flat top, 3 screw, 4 screw. You may want to download the factory service manuals for the vehicles that came with SU's (70-73 240's) here http://www.xenons30.com/reference.html, and/or use the search function at this site. There is a wealth of information here for you to learn from. Lastly, your post is extremely hard to read. This is not a site to use texting shortcuts with an expectation of quick results. Proper punctuation and use of a spell check will go a long way toward better response. That said, I wish you the best on your goal of restoring your Z.
  7. Did checking the fuses include the fusable link?
  8. spotty

    My new project

    Looks like Godzilla stepped on it. Just shoot it and put it out of it's misery.
  9. spotty

    break cylinder removal

    I assume you are referring to the 'Brake' cylinder. I typed it into the 'Search' section. Got 4 pages of posts. Now you try it.
  10. spotty

    Kia Sportage weatherstip rocks!

    Got mine from the local pull apart. 02 Sportage hit in the front. Interior perfect. Both sides for $35. Can honestly say it fits like it was custom made for my '72'. About 16" too long, just trim and the 90 degree corner works fine. Doors shut tight without slamming or adjusting. No pics as my interior is currently bare except for floor insulation. Good stuff and I would gladly pay for it new.
  11. spotty

    i need the spark plug wire order for 240z

    Huh? WTF are you babbling about?
  12. spotty

    oil: not a debate please.

    Buy a bottle of Redline break-in additive. It's loaded with ZDDP. A 16 ounce bottle is good for 2 oil changes. 16 bucks. Use whatever oil suits you. Don't use diesel oil in a gas engine.
  13. spotty

    Infinity G35 oil consumption problem

    I've owned an '04' G35 since '06'. I too did a great amount of research on the car before I purchased it as I had heard of the oil consumption problem. I now have close to 80K on the car and use perhaps half a quart every 4K miles between a full synth. oil change. Nissan had a problem with the '03' Infiniti both with oil consumption and brakes, but even then it was only a rare occasion on a few cars. That said, I love the G35 and wouldn't hesitate for a minute to purchase another. It is everything it was built to be.

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