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New Z Owner - Orange 72

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Hey guys. New member here, just getting some pics and info up to join the community. Im out of So Cal and bought my Z about 5 weeks ago for a great deal(IMO).

So far I've gotten new wheels/tires, tune, 2" exhaust to turbo muffler and just ordered some ground controls and illuminas yesterday... can't wait to get those on :)


Day I picked it up.. with some photoshopping






This car has no major issues, very few minor issues, and only 83K original miles!

I'm extremely happy to own my 240z


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Thanks a lot everyone! The car is actually more of an orange, but I love how it gets red-ish in the sunlight. That's the original dash, Brian. This Z sat from 1992 up until about 8 months ago! I definitely got a great deal. Zedyone, the wheels were something I was only mostly happy with.. more-so my size choice instead of 16" that gave me some buyers remorse. I think the 2"+ drop I have planned next week will definitely have them fitting in better, though.


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Looks exactly like a code 110 (Grand Prix Red) i looked at in Upstate New York last week,but doubt its the same car .Yours is much nicer!

Add description said rock solid frame and floors .I dont know if being able fit my hand through a hole in the toe board qualifies as "Rock Solid" ?

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