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    1973 240Z, MSA headers & exhaust, Tokico struts and springs, Koenig Rewinds, recently painted '905' red.
  1. I'm looking mainly for a weekend toy. After my last experience, I probably won't be doing too many modifications, no major ones anyway. I have held off on this 240 for now. They didn't seem to want to budge too much off the original selling price, and that's just more than I want to spend right now. Actually I was leaning towards a 280Z, because I don't want to deal with carbs and no one around here works on them. I just looked at this 240Z because it was here in town.....a rarity! If they came back and offered it to me in the $7,500-$8,000 range, I would definitely be interested though.
  2. Thanks everyone for their input. That's a great point about the Texas car needing floor pans. Perhaps it's been in the Midwest longer than I originally thought. I know it was in Missouri for awhile also before it made it to Illinois. Anyway I definitely need to look over the car in more detail before I would make any kind of offer.
  3. I've been looking into the possibility of picking up another S30. It would be nice to find a decent one locally here in Illinois, which is rare, but I did find this one on Craigslist. 1972 Datsun 240Z I went and looked at the car today. Overall the body was solid and free of rust. There were a few small rust bubbles around one fender, but not even detectible in the photos. Under the hood looked fine with no rust on the battery tray. The floor boards had been replaced, but I did not get a good look at the floorboards underneath. This is originally a Texas car so rust seemed minimal. The car ran
  4. Great list! I'd love to pick up a Ferrari 308.....and a Lotus Esprit Turbo. I didn't realize Esprits were going that cheap!
  5. Yeah I wish I would have kept it stock! It at least was reliable before. I love the car but it left me stranded once again tonite, I'm running out of patience. Well good luck with your search.
  6. I'll sell you mine. Its a '73, professionally painted 905 red back in 2008. Tokico suspension, Konig rewinds, L28ET, 5-speed, intercooler. Beautiful but tempermental. Still needs some fine tuning. Make me an offer!
  7. No problem! Yeah my brother is like that. He has a '73 Roadrunner......and doesn't have much use for the imports. Although he did once refer to my 240Z as "sexy", so there is hope.
  8. I voted for your Z! Also, among the ten votes I got, I voted for several Mopars plus a couple old Chevys. Good luck!!
  9. No tach? Otherwise the dash doesn't look too bad for a car at that price.
  10. Do you mean the 280ZX? The 280Z is pretty much the same design as the 240Z. If you mean the 280ZX, I think it was pretty much designed by committee, I've never heard the design attributed to one single person, but could be wrong.
  11. Well of course everything is relative. My Zs seem very safe and secure after riding my sportbikes. I always wear a helmet, jacket and gloves (and long pants) when riding the bikes, but of course there are still some risks. Also, my 240Z doesn't have bumpers so that probably doesn't help any in the safety category....but I probably only drive it maybe 1000 miles a year, and seldom in town, so I'll take my chances. Speaking of old sports cars and safety, my Fiat X1/9 is actually one of the best built and safest cars of its time. In the early 70s, the US was comtemplating coming out with more str
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