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Shell = different car?


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Did a search but didn't find the answer I was looking for. For those who restored their Zs using a donor shell, what did you have to do to keep it "your" car? That is, what ties a VIN and title to a car? Is it just the dash VIN pad and the screwed-on metal stats tag in the engine compartment? Is the chassis marked anywhere with a VIN or other identifying marks

Responses appreciated.


Jeff Woodard

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The chassis has the VIN engraved, it's on the driver's (left side) under the hood, on the bulkhead/firewall just below where the hood weatherstrip is. Probably hidden behind the hose that goes to the brake vac booster. At least on my 1971, believe same through '78 at least. Can't answer your other questions, but sure someone will chime in...

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I suppose that depends where you are at. Here in Oregon, all cars have titles, regardless of age, and the DMV can require a physical inspection to verify the title matches the car. They generally want to see the car when registering a car from out of state, or a car that has not been recently registered. When I titled my first 240Z that I bought in Washington, they compared the WA title to the car, and they even knew to check the firewall stamping.

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First, you need to transfer the titles of BOTH cars into your name.

Second, "Transplant" ALL of the goodies from the "sad" car (that is not worthy of repair) into the car your are going to keep.

Third, Make sure that you have moved, kept or otherwise re-arranged ALL of the VIN's so that they match. What will drive this is the stamping on the firewall of the better car.

In the end you will have a car that has all of your "Stuff" and matching VIN #'s. You will be legal too. Most DMV's wont blink an eye if the VIN's all match. It should never become an issue especially since you will have ownership of both of the chassis. Keep the titles to show proof to DMV if needed.

I kind of ran into this when I replaced my dash with a new one. I removed the VIN tag and painted it up real nice, then riveted it onto the new dash before installation.

There should not be too much sentimentality, unless the chassis being discarded has a low VIN or is a special edition of some kind.

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Here in California an automotive junkyard will not accept and will report to the police a vehicle that has had its VIN stamping altered or defaced. To get rid of the old chassis its needs to be cut up into multiple pieces and disposed of at a scrap metal yard.

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