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Opinions wanted - Body Plugs


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EBay seller "reddat" sells all sorts of NOS rubber body plugs. You might be able to find them cheaper through other parts suppliers, however.

Just search "Datsun 240Z Rubber Plugs" and you'll pull up several sources, including "the-z-connection".

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Here locally, we have Cross Canada Auto Body Supply that stocks or can get just about everything like that. I'll stop in tomorrow and take pics of any available 1.75" plugs. I even have a healthy stash of used ones of various sizes I can rummage through if you get stuck. I never thought they would be hard to track down.

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I'm in Windsor, which is actually south of Detroit Michigan. About a 3 1/2 hour drive southwest of Toronto. There are a half dozen Zs here amongst 3 Z guys who keep in touch. The Toronto area has more going on. Drop a post on the Ontario Z Car Club to warn everyone :D and find out what events will be taking place during your stay.


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I am looking for body plugs for my 73. I need the 1.75 inch plugs.

I searched for body plugs and found a company called Goodmark sells a variety of plugs. Here is what I found for 1.75 inch plugs:

Depressed center


Any preferences/advice?



This maybe overkill but i bough this kit last year and it contained everything that was needed to cover the whole body and more :

New 1970 Mopar B-Body body plug kit Charger Road Runner :


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Dang, I got real busy this week and forgot to look for these.

I seen these listed on Ebay. If this seller has them available, maybe they can be obtained over the Nissan Parts counter. All he does is resell at a higher price and pad the shipping.


Edit: after a second look, it seems he only has 1 and it's used at that. How many do you need?

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