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Source for JDM headlight covers


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These are one of those highly desireable unobtainable items. There were some reproductions made at one time, but the OEM ones are the more desireable ones.

Sadly, "in the day" they were not generally installed because DOT and Police folks thought they "distorted" the headlight beam and blah blah blah. Today, just about EVERY car you see on the road, has some form of a headlight cover on it. Others didn't buy and install because they were seen as "knock-offs" from the Jaguar XKE series, which coincidentally back "in the day" was delivered without it's plexiglass lens, again to soothe the DOT / Police misperceptions.

Today, like a set of original "D" hubcaps.... very VERY rare and EEEEK-spensive. Last pair I know of (OEM/Never used) sold for over $1200.

Your mileage may vary.


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Good luck I'm on the hunt for a set their are re-manufactures being made but I was told by people I trust that has seen them, they are junk. They also cost over $400, so I'm still on the hunt. I'll even take ones with cracked lenses.

I can still get them in Japan, but these is some cost issues......

I paid aroung $800 for my set here, but it is more expensive in Japan.

I have a set of very clean used ones for G-Nose front end.

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I wonder how many people would be interested in having a set. Honestly to make them might not be that bad to do if have enough interest. If I got a set do to the cost of the covers I was going to make a fiberglass mold to make more covers. All you need is clear polypropylene plastic, a kitchen oven, and a good mold. this method is good for about 4-5 sets, but I didn't see me going threw more. I think the rings would be the hardest to reproduce.

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I found a set on ebay last year. Paid around $350.00 for them, originals. They were in rough shape, but I used the micro-mesh system on them, and they look brand new.

Side note, after buying them, I have not seen any on there except for the G-nose. With that being said, it took me 2 years to find mine for the price I thought was reasonable.

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$800.00??? The last NOS set that I saw on E-Bay went for something over $1,200.00. Did you buy the repro's, a NOS set, or a used set?


Carl B.

Reproduction ones are only 25000 Yen in Japan, which is about $275 over there. And it is very poor condition as I mentioned in few different threds.

The lenses are for the early version so you can't really use the lenses as replacement for later ones....And then the chrome part is not a streight piece neither...all bunpy..... And no hardware is provided for them.

Well, getting back to NOS headlight ocvers, I just sold a brand new set to a member here for $875, I mean flawless ones in the boxes.

I think $1200 is little high.......I wonder what happend to the project of making good reproduction ones out of stainless by a member here.......That would be nice!:classic::laugh:

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Esprist, Do you have any more for sale?

If someone would make a good reproduction I'm sure many would be interested, depending on the price. I saw a new set on ebay not too lang ago but missed the bidding because I was traveling. I think they sold for about $450.

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Watch out on the repros. I bought a set off Ebay and the rings were to small. The bottom hole missed the sheet metal completely. I also bought a set of OEM rings back sometime ago and those fit perfect. Since I needed the lenses, I fit those to the OEM's. In pic1 you can see the bottom hole falls above the sheet metal, that's the repro ring. Pic2 is the OEM ring.:paranoid:



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