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Mylar logo'd sunshades - Completed


Here's the final count:  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. Here's the final count:

    • [b]240-Z[/b]
    • [b]280-Z[/b]
    • [b]DATSUN[/b]

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Who would be interested in a Bolder Tint?

If you are older than 40, you remember them. Mirrored mylar with block-letter logos that stuck to the inside of your windshield, like so:


After several years of looking, I have made a breakthrough. I have located and contacted the original manufacturer of the Bolder Tint brand. While the company no longer does automotive products, he does still have the original dies for the S30 windshield, and is willing to do a batch for us. These would be the real thing - true Bolder Tints by the original maker, not replicas.

Here's the ground rules, and where we stand on this:

1.) This would be an exclusive to CZCC. The manufacturer wants it to be a club-related project. No direct offers would be posted on other Z sites.

2.) Minimum order is 100 units.

3.) The 100 units do not all have to be the same logo, but there would be a minimum of 20 units per logo. Logos available would probably include "240-Z" (as pictured above) and "280-Z". If we can get 20 or more commitments on either of "260-Z" and/or "DATSUN" those may be possible as well.

4.) Estimated price per unit would be $30-35 each, including shipping within the USA. Perhaps a small break for multiples to the same address, although any break may not be much, as each unit will come pre-packaged with instructions in its own mailing tube. So multiple shipping savings may be small.

5.) At prices in that range, I should be able to break even, or perhaps there may be a buck or two "profit" over my costs. If so, any amount over and above true cost and shipping will be donated to CZCC. There will not be any personal profit for the facilitator (me).

The plan is this - We'll start with this poll, to try to determine demand. Don't send money yet. If the demand is such that we feel comfortable with the possibility of selling at least 100, the next step would be to accept pre-paid pre-orders. Once enough pre-orders come in that I am certain that costs would be covered, I will order the units, and then shortly begin shipping them out. If it breaks down before the parts are ordered, refunds for pre-paid orders will be given.

So here's step 1 - the poll. I've set this up to allow people to vote for more than one choice, so vote for as many as apply. This poll is not a firm committment to buy. But please don't vote if you aren't fairly certain, as we need a pretty accurate count to proceed to the next step.

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You don't have a list for "DATSUN 240Z" Not available or too big?
Too big. Not even certain about the "DATSUN" choice, as we can't remember if he ever did a plain DATSUN for S30s. Trucks, yes, but can't remember about S30s.
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No surprise, it looks like "240-Z" will be the most popular. Remember that in addition to the 100+ total, we will need a minimum of 20 for any one logo. Currently only "240-Z" shows that kind of life.

And remember that "DATSUN" might not be available at all, even if we can get to the 20 minimum.

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For $3000-$3500 someone could buy 100 and sell them for more on eBay.
Possibly, except the manufacturer is not interested is making any for a profit-oriented venture. He says the original idea was a car club project, and that's all he's interested in doing now.

Plus I'm not sure that they'd sell for enough more than $35 to make it worth the effort. In fact, I'm not certain we can find buyers for 100 even at this price. We'll see.

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Perhaps but I know it's one of those items that people have been looking for over the years. I remember adding one to my car back when I bought it in the mid 80's. Clearly you want one enough to go to the trouble that you've gone through and I thank you for that. My point was that if for some reason we couldn't get enough to do the full 100 it might make sense for someone to go ahead and buy enough to ensure the 100 and sell the extras on eBay.

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