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Slave Cylinder Sizes


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I have run this question by a number of knowledgable Datsun owners and mechanics and no-one can think of a reason why changing slave bore sizes one model to the next would make any sense. You might do a search under Wagner or Raybestos and see what their catalogs show.....

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See the post above yours and you get a sense that this info isn't as well known as one thought.

The ZX slave is an 11/16 (80-83).

My point is to find out which went with what and see if I can solve a problem regarding engine/tranny swaps.

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Since an 11/16 in bore slave will stroke roughly 1.2 times the distance of a 3/4 in bore for the same master it could be related to differences in clutch release fork geometry, pressure plate design, or merely to reduce the pedal stroke required to release the clutch.


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My point is to find out which went with what and see if I can solve a problem regarding engine/tranny swaps

Then go download the different FSM's, that's what i would do.


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Back on topic here, with some personal experience and questions. The '70-71 slave (the one with the adjustable pushrod and external return spring) is shown as 5/8" bore in the FSM. (Master is also shown as 5/8" bore.) My car had both clutch cylinders replaced by the PO shortly before I bought it. I've always thought that the clutch felt too light, and adjustment has always been difficult to get just right. Today I got to thinking, and got the mirror and flashlight out to check. My master cylinder is 5/8" as spec'd, but my slave is 11/16". Appears to be the proper design otherwise, has both the return spring mount and the adjustable pushrod. But wrong bore size, according to my FSM.

Here's where the situation gets muddier. Both my FSM and a third-party SM claim that the bore sizes should be matched at 5/8". But my copy of the parts CD shows the slave as 11/16" through 6/72. The parts CD also shows two choices (Nabco or Tokico) for all 240Z through 6/72, but I thought the Type A trannies took the adjustable pushrod and the Type B ('72 on) did not. So no differentiation between '70-71 and '72 seems wrong to me. "Curiouser and curiouser..."

The parts CD does not specify the bore size of the master cylinder.

Anyone have any info on which slave bore is truly correct for the early cars? Or perhaps when Nissan changed their mind? My FSM is a true '71 manual, the Parts CD shays the last revision of the fiche was December '79.

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