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john mcgarvie

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Those are the only ZX rims that I really like even a little. They'll fit and work fine on a 240Z, although as bigoak notes, they are not period correct.

But note that they take special lug nuts, that only fit factory Nissan mag wheels. Those lug nuts can be expensive if the seller doesn't have them.

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Those lugnuts can be found at O'reilly's for a buck apiece. Those whhels commonly sell on Ebay for 20-25. That these are gold indicates they came off a black ZX 81-83. Dealer's choice; they do look better than hubcaps.;)

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Your's are commonly referred to as slotted mags. These were aftermarket by a few different suppliers. I much prefer them to the ZX rims.

As long as there are only scratches and not massive curb rash, you should be able to polish them nicely. Ideally, take them to a shop that polishes wheels for a living, you will be amazed at what they can do.

Also, keep an eye on the web. You never know what you'll find. I got vintage Japanese racing wheels with new rubber for $400...the deals are out there...


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You can do them yourself. My wheels looked worse than yours and I think I got them to look pretty good. I doubt that I did it the fastest way, but I wet sanded them with finer and finer sandpaper. Starting with like 300 grit then working my way up to 1500. After the wheels were as good as I could get them with 1500 grit, I finished them off with mothers mag and aluminum polish. Every minute of work you put into them is rewarded, and you will never be finished, they just keep looking better and better. Use lots of water when sanding, and lots of rags when polishing. I also strongly recommend that you wear some gloves or your going to have black hands for a couple of weeks. Take your time and don't rush, it's really a project... I'll probably go over the wheels one more time before the West Coast Nationals, but here is a pic of the way they look now, they don't look like chrome, but they have a really nice shine to them.



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