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  1. Check it out on his link...one place actually has the channel with 3 colors of inserts. They said the tips are going fast. In the day, they would install these on the crease of 280ZXes...which was not the most outward edge of the car. I have these appropriately placed on mine and the problem is today's cars are so tall, and the doors so sculptured, that I doubt the molding really comes into play. I end up parking in the North forty on an end spot where I can hug the outer most edge. Here is what I need help finding. During the same era they made a 4" aluminum strip that was riveted on the bottom of the door from wheel well to wheel well. Anyone ever see any of this? Look at the bottom under the black strip. This car, BTW, is in PHX. Anyone own it?
  2. how is this coming?
  3. Sensor was supposed to affect water flow til warm or some such nonsensse. If you cut it you won't know the difference. But the water **** is rebuildable. i think. If you
  4. bridgestone 205-60/15 very sticky, quiet, and feels like I'm on a cloud
  5. http://www.ddmtuning.com/Products/Apexcone-Raptor-HID-Kit $35 lifetime. You won't need fog lights. Get a pair of 7" housing running xenon bulbs on ebay for about $30 search 280z on ebay. They are there most of the time
  6. It is the auto air function. By design the blower slows down as you approach the designated temp but the lo-hi function was supposed to override that. At 28 yrs old the elec contacts have gotten dirty. There are close to 10 sensors whose measurement of resistance determines blower speed. Down load the FSM and AC supplement from xenons130.com.
  7. http://www.carstereohelp.com/ http://www.retrosoundusa.com/products/details/id/63 I also found a place in Pennsylvania that repaired ZX radios. The price tag was about $700. IMO, while it was great in 1982, it is a POS today. The one in my black Z works as does the tape deck. The sound is awful and the PO even put in an amp and new rear speakers. I put in an Alpine bluetooth/mp3/Ipod radio and inexpensive DB speakers in front and back. OMG that is part of the ride to get good clear notes and strong bass. Whole system cost less than $200. Eventually the radio in the black one will go too. I hjave found that over time the OEM radio will lose the display and even the ability to bring in stations not located on the next block.
  8. Walter, there were no power seats for the s130. They came out in the late 80's. BTW, I do have 2 out of a 96...a blue "velour" type cloth. Both excellent $200 total.
  9. I have 4 in excellent shape. $60 + shpg
  10. The switch works AFTER the car is shut off and only IF the temp exceeds certain parameters. It may not be the switch at all. I live in TN and it is rare even in the summer that it kicks on. You can trigger it manually if you have to. If I recall the switch connects the ground to the timer relay, after which the switch is not needed. Verify this before trying it by researching the factory service manual available at www.xenons130.com. If correct, you could install a push button switch to perform that same function.
  11. I've never had to do it, but it looks like the fenders will have to be removed as well as the chrome. Then something tells me the glass also so you can cut it out. Do it now...I'm afraid you'll find more.
  12. One lucky daughter. I always thought the 81 black with tha chrome insert looked better than the 82.
  13. Those lugnuts can be found at O'reilly's for a buck apiece. Those whhels commonly sell on Ebay for 20-25. That these are gold indicates they came off a black ZX 81-83. Dealer's choice; they do look better than hubcaps.
  14. Real good info. I make sure I have a windshield screen to block the sun when not driving. At the very least, place a towel over it when parked. I think the UV rays cause as much damage as the heat.
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