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BRE Tribute car for sale


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I haven't interpreted any of what was said so far in this thread as "bashing', except perhaps for Tarmac's comments regarding Ron's.... So far I believe that most of the comments here have been mostly constructive in nature. After all, aren't we here to share information and opinions for the betterment of the community as a whole?

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Hey, im not bashing anyone's car. They all look better then mine. Ron's car is clearly a "replica" of a BRE race car, and is 10,000x nicer then mine will ever be. The car on this thread looks like a "tribute" car to me.

Tribute: : something given or contributed voluntarily as due or deserved ; especially : a gift or service showing respect, gratitude, or affection

To me, that car showed "respect" to the original. So when folks start dropping the "Im not calling the guy a liar" line, they had better be ready to back it up with some facts. So what if it doesn't meet one guys standards of what a "tribute" should be, it looks like a real nice car to me, and IF he has done the work he says then it should be worth a decent amount.

Im certain everyone has seen a Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, or Beatles tribute band at some point. Everyone knows it ain't the real thing, but if you sing along, drink a beer and squint your eyes sometimes you can get the vibe.

BTW: The guy who started that thread last week about the car in Reno was CLEARLY planning on buying it, and the bashers totally talked him out of it.

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It is easy to read tone into an email, the author is not there to make vocal inflections so we assume...That can easily lead to missunderstandings. For examplet "A driver" is not a dirty word.

I see that you are upset due to an event on the board that I did not know about. I feel that has slanted your opinion in this situation, and you are angry from that last encounter and it has carried over to this one. Wrong place wrong time.

I feel that the current owner embellished on what the car really is, and I said so. I am sorry if you were offended. I would suggest that you look at your own posts and consider how they have been taken and the responses you have received in this thread regarding your posts, and perhaps rethink how and what you have said has effected other people as well.

Ultimately this car will sell to someone who sees the value in it, and I hope the seller gets what he wants. I am sorry to hear that the seller is selling as he was quite proud of his car when I talked to him at the DHM. I hope that the economy is not forcing the sale of this car.

So let's all let this go...It's not a big deal. If you want to discuss this further, I think you and I can take it off line and discuss it via PM.


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The thing I notice about the ad that is perhaps crossing a line is the word "exact" in his description. It takes a great deal of research and effort to exactly reproduce something. The thing I notice about the car that clearly crosses a line is the use of a graphic that says BRE without permission.

As for "restoration" vs. "refresh" vs. "driver" there is nothing wrong with any of these. People who do true restorations tend to be a little prickly about people doing less than that and calling it a restoration. My own cars tend to be refreshed and then driven. The magic happens when you turn them on and drive them...

As for his price, I hope he gets it. That would signal a strengthening economy and that my own car is going up in value.

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BTW: The guy who started that thread last week about the car in Reno was CLEARLY planning on buying it, and the bashers totally talked him out of it.
What gets me is that with very few exceptions, no one has any intention of buying any of the cars that get posted here......
I guess you just want to argue....I don't and I'm done with this.
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