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spring question for rear of 71 Z

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I was replacing my rear inner control arm bushings this past weekend. When I jacked up the car and dropped the control arms, the spring fell free from the perch and sat in the lower strut spring base (could move about a half inch up and down freely. I am not too worried about this condition, but I was wondering if the spring should sit on some rubber cushions or something. Is the upper mount rubber? I know the bottom is metal base to spring coil. Just curious. I checked the Black dragon site as they have a nice schematic of the rear suspension. I did not see anything for the springs to sit on.

Just a curiosity.

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No worres with any rubber cushions, etc, when the suspension is loaded the springs aren't going anywhere. Assuming the car is stock the strut top mount is one big piece of rubber anyway, and even then, anybody with camber plates does away with that too.

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Having just had the suspension apart on my 72 240Z.... The top of the spring

is called the insulator.... This piece slips over the strut and provides the mount for three

bolts you see in the front and back shock towers. On the rear struts there is a spacer and sometimes time a boot over the strut. The front springs have a bearing in place of the spacer. The springs sit on a part of the strut housing (Metal to Metal)

If you end up replacing the springs... there is some great threads here...


Not just a Z - zdisease

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