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    Man tht is the truth... I'm still trying to tak myself into the badges for my 72 240Z. Not just a Z - ZDisease
  2. Give Oliver (aka zman) a call at http://www.datsunstore.com/index.php/cPath/4_121 This is where I got the replaceemnt rubber for the bumper on my 72 240Z. Jay Not juts a Z - ZDisease
  3. Fuel Injected 280Z engine ? Jay Not just a 72 240Z - Z Disease
  4. What about the tripple intake manifold ? I saw a picture last night that had a early Z sporting 3 SU's. Jay Not just a Z - ZDisease
  5. Has the sending unit ever been removed ? I discovered my 72 240Z had a sending unit installed 180 degrees wrong. My sending unit had been removed to allow for gas tank restoration. Jay Not Just a Z - zdisease
  6. And don't forget the breather hoses...... I am so tempted to remove the fuel fuel vapor control soluition and just pollute the environment a little bit..... Maybe drive faster Jay Not just a Z - ZDisease
  7. But 240Z in 72 were not 280Z ? Do you have a 280Z with a 2400 cc in it ? Truely strange... Jay Not just a Z - ZDisease
  8. I think 240Z are ment for flogging the turns a bit over the speed limit. The idea of treating a Z machine like a model T just doesn't jib to me... Maybe when I get older and more mature... But not now or too soon.... Jay Not just a Z - ZDisease
  9. I feel no pain replacing the strut cartridges in my 240Z with Tokico .... I belive the Z likes it too... Better handling....I also replaced the springs and added a rear anti sway bar.... My philosophy is based on the idea that these cars were born to run..... Fun is a key component.. Jay Not just a Z - ZDisease
  10. While we are on the topic of Natural Disasters..... The wild fire in 4 Mile Canyon near Boulder Colorado has backed off a bit... 154 homes wiped out.... A weather event now has authorities warning people in Boulder to pay attention to developments tonight as winds pick up...... Man.... Jay
  11. I guess I know who NOT to get some help from for suspension issues. ......
  12. I have the opposing issue... Fuel gauge always full.. Disconnect the fuel sending unit and the fuel gauge goes to empty.. This has me thinking I need a new sending unit... I ordered a sending unit while the memory of almost running out of gas while test driving at night was fresh in my mind.... I was driving at night to experience all the lights working... Jay Not just a Z - ZDisease
  13. Too nice...... Fuel handling is a nice touch.... New springs too ? Jay Not just a Z - ZDisease
  14. If the top is that bad I have to wonder if there is any metal under the car. Jay
  15. I just went thru this exercise on my 72 240Z 1. Make sure the harness connections are good on the steering column - Especially the grounds - I found one issue by shaking the wiring harness 2. Clean the harness connections on the passenger side under dash 3. Make sure the bulbs are right 4. Replace the flasher unit located above the steering column with a digital unit 5. Refurbish the turn signal switch guts: Load following URL and read slowly http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23325&highlight=combo+switch+rebuild Jay Not just a Z - ZDisease
  16. I want to replace the bulbs used in the tail lights of my 72 240Z Can one of you guys tell me what to buy ? Thanks, Jay
  17. Today I found an original 240Z Owners Guide is the glove compartment of the 72 parts car.... sweet.... Jay Not just a Z - ZDisease
  18. Yeah man..... That the right stuff.... I love the up close and person feel of the 240Z steering..... Jay Not justa Z - ZDisease
  19. I discovered that the ground associated with the Combo switch was intermittant. If I wiggled the wire I could get the lights to work.... I replaced the connector on the black ground wire on the combo switch.... Life is better... I am still having rear turn signal issues.... My fron turn signals work fine. I'm going back to the harness connectors on the passenger side of the dash. Jay Not jus a Z - ZDisease
  20. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/SIC03D/40-7491 I am also at the stage where Seat Belts would be a good idea.... 72 240 95% Restored Jay Not just a Z - ZDisease
  21. I had the Intro version a similar ride in the 1972 240Z I've been "working on for the last 4 years. I spent the weekend swapping my eibach spring from the front to the back... Much better.... Fixed rear negitive camber and settled the front down.. Got some of the electrics to work..... I took the Z out on the road for the first time in 4 years. Out our dirt road, onto 72 blacktop... Nice twisties... Brakes work, new stainless brade lines, calipers, shoes.... Onto 119... Wound out 3rd.... Good oil presure, antifreeze warming up.... Damm the Defroster works too... Leaves and stuff shot out of the vents - guess they were hooked up.. Realized I was not sure the gas tank sender works... No gas in the garage... 119 had no traffic and fun turns faster than my truck.... Turned onto the other end of our dirt road and coasted for 4 miles... Most of the rattles were tools in the wheel well.. The driver's side chrome water channel moulding poped off and scared me good.... Arrived home driving the car... Took the attached picture...
  22. Road Test picture of the 72 240 Z
  23. After 4 years Z-Disease finally went for a road test today.... I screwed up and put the back eibach springs in the front. This weekend I tore the 72 240 apart and put the front springs in the front. 10 hours latter..... Spirted road test for 7 miles.... Big fun and every thing works good... Gotta work on the interior and fix the brake lite / turn signal issue. Jay
  24. I found this thread whil elooking for a definition of where the gounds are located in my 72 240Z..... Good discussion... Jay Not just a Z - ZDisease
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