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Honda Ends F1 Participation


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12-05-2008 05:01 PM


We have always admired Honda for charging right into Formula 1 at a time when it barely made any passenger cars at all. That’s why it saddens us to hear that the automaker is pulling out of F1. Honda made the announcement yesterday, citing a faltering economy as the reason. Earlier this year, the Honda-supplied Super Aguri team also ran out of funds.

Back in 1964, competing in a grueling, high-profile international racing series was a huge risk for an upstart Japanese automaker. But Soichiro Honda’s was never one to shy away from a challenge. The Honda RA271 pictured above was the first Japanese car to race in F1, powered by a 1.5L V12. At Honda dealers, however, the only cars you could buy were the S-series roadster and the T-series truck.oined mid-season and retired all three races that it entered. By the same time next year, the team had claimed its first Grand Prix victory.

The current team is going up for sale, and if a buyer is not found within a month, they’re closing up shop. Sadly, in this economy, that looks like where things are headed.


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Add in Audi leaving ALMS (and most of the Euro-LeMans series), Porsche leaving ALMS for a Penske-run Grand Am effort (lower cost series) and the Big 3 issues, and the racing landscape will change dramatically over the next few years. I could see Honda also leaving ALMS as there's no more competition, and who knows about IndyCar (although Cosworth and Ilmor are still "around" for engine supply).

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That's what I think of when I think of Formula 1 cars. No wings or side pods, just engine, wheels, and a sleek body with the driver's head sticking out. That's real racing!

Do you think we should be dusting off our old road bikes, and get out there with Lance Armstrong instead? All you need to fund there is a healthy supply of pasta dinners & bananas! ROFL

It makes me wonder where my Grand Prix DVD is on this wintry day.


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