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Rally Monte Carlo Historic 2009


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++Participants of the Monte Carlo Historic 2009 are known. Seven Datsun’s will take part in his event. One more as last year. And this time not only Norwegian or French but a Spanish and a Japanese entrance!!!! That I have to see……………..

Philippe who always started in Reims is going to warmer countries. Can’t blame him.

Enrique CAMPOS and Javier ALONSO will start from BARCELONE

Erik GROENDAHL and Jan ISAKSEN will start from OSLO

Svein LUND and Tore FREDRIKSEN will also start from OSLO

Toshimasa IKEUCHI and Toshiya ITO will start from REIMS


Jean-Marie KUNEGEL and Antoine MARTIN will also start from REIMS

Philippe RAMES and René BEYERS will start this year from TURIN.++

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I’m in fact waiting for the results of the last two stages. The fames Col de Turini was again part of the Grande Theatre.

Svein Lund, car no 30 is doing fine. With two wins, stages 4 & 5 he started his offensive.

That brought him to a second place overall. Till the last couple of stages, there it was coin flipping…. 2..1…2…1…1..and now I’m waiting for hopefully a Victory in the Monte Carlo Historique.

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++And the winner of the

Rallye Monte Carlo Historique 2009

is…….. Datsun car no 30

Svein Lund and Tore Fredriksen.

A legendary win if I may say so.

Back on the podium since 1972.

See for results my RMCH page.


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Hi Guus:

Thanks for the report - did you get any detailed pictures of the Z?

Carl B.

Carl, sorry for the late respond. I have plenty of pictures of all participating Datsun’s, please visit my page and find in the ‘telex’ on the left side links to the galleries. All separate pic's are also clickable.

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