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Any Thoughts on New Tires?

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- good "dry" performance tire that will also work in the rain.

- No requirement for snow or ice.

- rides reasonably

- not noisy on the freeway.

- I like the look of a directional tread,

- street use, (no street racing), and the occasional "fun-run" autocross.

Any insight you can share?

You forgot low cost. The answer is:

FALKEN ZE-512 @ $69

(you have to ignore the morons who review...especially the ones who say it is a bad snow tire LOL)

The wear is not so great but that is the only drawback. As they cost so little, it does not matter.


btw I just ordered Falken tires from this company online monday got tires yesterday. Low price, low shipping and 3 day shipping time:

You can also get them in 55 profile as mentioned above. Here are the Falken's with others @ 55 profile

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