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1970 240Z Cargo Strap Rod Question


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This came out of a 1970 240Z parts car. I decided to put it on ebay along with some other stuff.

Was this a factory part or was it offered as an aftermarket item? My impression was it is a factory part as I have seen them on other early model 240Z's.


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I believe that is an aftermarket piece as I don't find a part number or illustration for it in my USA/Canada or Japanese parts books. As I do not have the earliest parts books, and I have noticed that part numbers have disappeared through time(in different versions of the books) I am not 100% sure, but I suspect someone with earlier books might well be able to verify.


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I don't know how rare, but it is/was an aftermarket part made by Amco. Many dealers installed them prior to original sale to pad the price.

Edit - found this picture in an earlier thread. Magazine ad from the early '70s.


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