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2003 Saab 93 Leather Seats


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I just spent a day looking for seats at several auto wreckers. I found a set of 2003 Saab 93 seats that should fit in a 240Z. The width is just under 22 inches and the seat rails look like they would be easy to modify. The driver's side seat is powered. No air bags. Price for black leather is $400.00.

Has anyone installed 2003 SAAB 93 seats in Z?


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friggin oath!!!

Fitted a set of race seats in my 260, sat too high.

short of cutting the mounts off the floor and rebuilding them from scratch, they had to go. My legs were hard against the wheel.

And if i tired putting on a helmet, i wouldn't fit in the car.

I also tried a set of seats from a Swift GTI, (they are recaro's in disguise)

A bit lower, but still too high, but not as comfortable as the stock seats.

And all i wanted was some harness holes.

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