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  1. srFairladyZ

    mustache bar bushing removal questions

    Thanks for the advice. I am almost certain as well that its the mustache bar bushings. I actually have upgraded to 280ZX Turbo CV shafts and 280Z stub axles a while back. The Diff is a R200 w/ 4.11 gearing WEeeee! .
  2. srFairladyZ

    mustache bar bushing removal questions

    Zedyne, You mentioned noticeable gear wine noise now. I am about to do the same thing to my Z this weekend but am now worried about the noise. How bad is it exactly? Have you gotten used to it or is it brain numbing? I have a bad clunk as well. I have poly tranny mounts and a brand new OEM front diff mount and it's STILL clunking very easily. The clunk can be heard just babying it into 1st gear and when on/off throttle (like in traffic). We jacked the car up and noticed when i lift the clutch into gear the diff is swaying around under the car, everything is moving around including the mustache bar. The only old rubber left is the mustache bar rubber, and it looks fairly worn. Can something failing inside the diff cause this loud clunk possibly? There is no whine or growls coming from it.
  3. srFairladyZ

    My 71' 240z project ... =)

    Wow, crazy progress since the last time I peeked at this thread. Shier madness! :stupid:
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    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Wowzer, thanks so much!!

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