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Low VIN car in Olympia, WA


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Turns out this is actually #9912 made in 9/70, so not a low VIN. I have a few pics that I'll post tomorrow. The car is in grey primer now. The engine bay is kind of a mess and the one pic of the interior looks like it is missing some pieces. The exterior body panels look complete (except no exhaust). The primer is over everything, license plate panel, emblems, etc.


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Here's what he wrote me: hey this is the owner of the 240z.Names theo glad to hear from ya well here are some pictures of it.and if your interested in coming down and looking at it jus phone me at (phone number). or jus email telling me the date.right now i have one guy coming down saturday afternoon to look at it so jus give me a call when you can if your interested.and i do have the oringinal steeringwheel iam taking that one off and putting it on my WRX.thank you







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Darn, he changed the price to $8,500. If got that $85,000 he originally had, he could have gotten himself a new camera.

$85,000 for the first hundred 240Z cars? Sounds like a terific deal! Did he ask Chris (26th) first, if he could sell his car? LOL

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