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Things to do in Phoenix?


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Hey folks, I'm going to be in Phoenix for training in the middle of next month. I'll be staying downtown, without a car. Any suggestions of things do or see? Restaurants for dinner? I'm going to be at loose ends (assuming no homework) for 6 evenings...

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I might suggest renting a car, then driving around looking for rust free Z's that you can help raise from the ashes of disrepair and neglect and give them to Jason

fixed it for ya ;)

anyway, my experiences with phoenix were late at night, so i can't really give you any constructive help. phoenix is right next to tempe, right?

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Arne - In my opinion downtown Phoenix is a pretty boring place with very little to offer culturally. It's an odd downtown because it is basically totally devoid of people compared to most downtowns. It is definately a place to have a car to get around.

That being said here are a few restaurant ideas at least:

Alice Cooperstown - somewhat interesting and halfway decent grub right by the ballpark

My Florist Cafe - decent fairly cheap eats with half price wine bottles every night and an absolutely brilliant pianist that I know plays Friday and Saturday nights

Pizeria Bianco - usually a real long wait but voted some of the best pizza in the US

Since you are here in March, Spring Training is in full swing but you will need wheels to get to a game. The Mariners are in Peoria which will be 30-40 minutes away but can be a fun time and there are other stadiums closer.

There is very little to do downtown that I can suggest unless you want to go to a Suns game or something.

If you are here over a Saturday there is a real nice car show in Scottsdale that I go to with the Z most weeks. . . If you decide to get wheels and head out there PM me and we can meet up..

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