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How to ruin a good car...


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This is a fine example of someone building their personal dream car, and then finding out that no one else shares that dream when the time comes to sell it. It's sad on several levels, because regardless of what we think of it, some one has invested a fair amount of time and money in that.

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That is too funny. That car looks a cross between Jonny Holmes Phallus and the Batmobile.I have seen a lot of bastardized cars and Z cars as well but I think that car is in the running for one of the most heinous objects on 4 wheels I have ever seen. That car makes the one with the flames a 1st edition collectors specimen Gold Medallion.

I will tell you what that person was thinking. When he was putting the last coat of paint on he was thinking when he could get to the pharmacy and refill his prescription because the last dose was wearing of. No offense to folks who need a little something to get them through the day. I have often thought that I should get a prescription for some of that stuff.

But seriously it's like me looking in the mirror and seeing Beckham or any one of those other pretty boys that I am not.

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Did you see the pink shag carpet in the back??

He did all that stuff to it, but didn't even cover the floor, or clean up the engine (rusted brake fluid covers.) Maybe he was using it for off-road racing? I love that battery hold-hown shim ( the carboard from a fan belt.)

No roll cage either. Maybe he was hoping they would use it in the next 2Fast movie...

There's no hit counter. No bids either. Coincidence?


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Check out the e-bay seller by clicking on the name.

The eLister is an old fashioned general store with items of interest to the whole family including vintage, new and collectible items. We now have Magic the Gathering cards, pottery and Golden Age post cards, X-men, Hot Wheels, Gary Mack art and many more.

Interesting mix Datsun 240Z (or close resemblance to one) and crystal glasses etc. May be it was only driven on to church on sunday's by lady owner ?:ermm:



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