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  1. I'm sure that's a Yoda quote...
  2. Yamahacam, Try this guy, spoke to him last night, he reckons he'd go to $6K but wants the car to stay in Oz... 1978 Datsun 240K Sedan | Cars, Vans & Utes | Gumtree Australia Maroochydore Area - Palmwoods Get onto it quick before it ends up O/S, pretty much no work required!
  3. Pretty nasty stuff... hmm, strip it, start work on it, fabricate some bits that need replacing. In the meantime you may come across a better shell, if not, at least you'd have made a start on this one. Lot's of work though...good luck.
  4. yeah Adzmax, eBay, was only listed for a minute when I grabbed it!
  5. Ha! Didn't have a horse available, had to use a rabbit anyway, don't think this will end up too modified, it's 100% original and in top order, perhaps a couple of touches but definitely no engine swaps! L series all the way!
  6. used the guys heaps, competitive, good price, good insurance cover, etc etc well recommended... Car Transport | Car Transport Interstate | Car Transport Australia | Car Moving | Car Carrying | Vehicle Transport | Motorcycle Transport | Light Commercial Vehicle Transport | Ceva Car Transport Logistics - Australia's Vehicle Transport Professi
  7. Price was a little more than the starting price, I made him an offer he couldn't refuse I'm in Melb Sth East, same as you, you're more than welcome to come check it out from next week, be good to meet more K enthusiasts
  8. Just thought I'd share, gotta be quick on eBay these days, and get in like 1 min after it's listed so as to cut out the overseas interest! This is mine (well it will be when it's in my hands early next week), being picked up this morning It's a beauty!
  9. That's awesome mate! Yeah OK, sounds like a plan, I've sent you a PM. Cheers
  10. Hi guys, Wondering whether anyone in Melbourne (preferred) or Vic has a 240K dual pipe exhaust manifold they'd like to part with. I'd consider extractors as well. Cheers, thanks
  11. Had this prob before...try changing the barrel. At the rear of barrel are 2 small screws, that'll release it. If this doesn't change anything, get yourself a light tester. Check wires rear of ign barrel. From memory the blue wire powers up first when placed in ON position. Then the red/white powers up as well in START. I may have my wires crossed regarding colours (pardon the pun), but I had ended up bridging these two wires and everything worked fine. Good luck
  12. Hi guys, These days you never, or very rarely see a 240K on the road, but the other day I spotted one, wonder whether it belongs to anyone here? Spotted in Bayswater, Vic. It was a silver coupe with jelly bean mag wheels, looked fairly straight and in good cond, I just couldn't make a U turn in time to follow it! It was sitting on a flat bed tow truck, heading south down Bayswater Road. I'm really kicking myself now that I didn't make more of an effort to follow it! Be interesting to see if it belongs to a fellow from here! Cheers
  13. Have you re-located the oil pickup strainer to the 240K sump pickup point? 2 ways of doing this; A or B A . You'll notice at the bottom of the block there is an identical 'tab' on the L28 block which is located in the same location as an L24 block. This 'tab' needs to be drilled until you reach the oil gallery which runs alongside the block. You'll then need to tap thread holes to mount the oil strainer. Then block off the original L28 pickup point. B . From the original L28 position, extend the pickup arm so that it fits exactly within the L24 sump. This can be done by cutting the pickup arm, and brazing another piece in. This I guess is the easier option but you must be sure the pickup fits deep within the sump bowl. As for the dipstick, some simply relocate this to the side of the sump, I've gone down the route of drilling into the forward section of the block and having it looking all original. Good luck
  14. unless it's what many others also refer the C210 as a 240K, in which case it is a 3.9....
  15. thanks mastad, been looking haven't seen any, link handy?
  16. Hi guys, Anyone have a set they want to get rid of? These are the caps from the standard steel wheel. If so let me know, oh and a price too Thanks
  17. Keep it original colour mate, seriously...! Here's a couple of pics of mine below, I believe your mate Charlie bought extractors from me a while back. I kept mine original colour, I think it looks great, a lot of people are changing to modern colours on older cars, it's always good to see an old car in it's factory spec paint colour. My car isn't ready at the moment, but you're welcome to pop in & check it out... Engine almost wired up, hoping to start in the next few days.
  18. Hi guys, Anyone got spare/damaged front & rear bumpers they want to get rid of cheap? I'm in Melbourne, doesn't matter what year, condition, bent, so on. If fitted with front park/indicator lenses that'd be good, if not, no stress. Thanks
  19. Thanks blk180, Got it, be arriving next week
  20. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone out there has an early 240K inlet manifold, ie longer runners? If so, are you interested to part with/sell, I'm looking for one to go with a single downdraft Weber 38/38 and the mild street cam in my L24. Pretty certain the early L23's manifold as fitted onto Super Six, Cedrics etc are identical as the one I'm searching for too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  21. Pretty much came down to $$$, I've never sprayed 2k before, and didn't have the funds to get a shop to do it either :/ Acrylic's a pain in the %$#, but that's the only thing I know.
  22. Mastad, yeah how'd you go with the wheels? Drew, in a sense yeah, pretty straight for a paddock basher I'll admit, nowhere as bad as the red one you scored not long ago! I've managed to find another in NSW I saw a while back when driving through, will be picking up in a fortnight, 16hr round trip to get a 240K these days. Whenever out driving out in the country now I find myself looking round every farm very extra closely for signs, who'd have thought we'd get so desperate!:surprised
  23. Hi guys just some pics of my 240K sedan currently a work in progress.... When I got it, rust was pretty bad around the rear screen, this section cut out, re-fabricated and welded. The car was quite a mess, ie bush basher, but was very straight and completely original manual car. I've just finished spraying last week, original colour in acrylic (yep but not too bad for a home job, I'm pretty happy with my rub back, cut & polish skills) , standard L24 completely re-built as well with 5 speed, I'll be fitting a single Weber downdraft 38 DGMS to it. Now the car is sprayed and back home, I can start work on the underside & interior, brakes, bushings, etc etc. The car will remain standard except for the Weber carb, exhaust, and wheels. Hope to have it on the road in the next few months.
  24. JMT240KGTR


    Hmm, might just have to check out the wreckers with sample in hand, see what come close to fitting. Cheers
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