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Road trip sighting what is it


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good call. I'm impressed!
I cheated. I can probably ID almost anything from the late '50s on, but for older cars like this, I consult my expert - my dad. Shoot him an e-mail with a couple pictures, wait 5 minutes, answer comes back. (And then verify via Google.) Piece of cake.

Actually, I was pretty sure the grill looked like an Alfa to me before I asked him, but the knock-offs threw me because they look so English. The pictures I linked show the more typical Italian knock-off. Either way, I couldn't have pinned the model down without some searching. Quicker to ask the old man.

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Holy crap!

Looks like it has been covered in dust for a while... might get a new lease on life soon! I can't believe you saw this, just on a trailer being transported... not covered up or anything.

That's just BONKERS! Very famous car. "Disco Volante" literally means "Flying Saucer" in Italian. No prizes for guessing why it's called that!

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After looking at the pictures some more, I've decided that the car sited is not a real Disco Volante. Compare to the pictures here and you'll see some differences. The headlight trim, the shape of the door and opening, trim and detail of the taillights, ect.

I suspect it's a fiberglass body on perhaps a right-hand drive MGA chassis. That would explain the English style wire wheels and knock-offs, as well.

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