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Hazaed Flash Problem


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is there anybody here to can give me pics from the flasher and the hazaedflasher relay to identify it in my 240Z from 1971 europa model.

i can not find them. or is it only one relay for both functions ???or know anybody the problem if i used the switsh nothing works ( no flasher and no soud from the relay) but if i bring tension from outside on the switsh and used it al flasher shine permanently.

thanks for help from germany.

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I assume that the European model is similar to the US model. If so, the turn signals and hazard flasher units are separate. The hazard flasher unit on my '71 is gold in color, about 50 mm long and is bolted upside down to the steering column. It has two wires, blue with white stripe, and green with white stripe.

The turn signal flasher unit is smaller, and may (or may not) plug into a white plastic base unit. The two wires for it are solid green and solid white.

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The Hazard and Turn Signal lights ran on independent Flasher Relays. In fact, the only difference I've noted is that many times the Hazard one was a "Heavy Duty".

This is one of those items that Datsun did not opt to "individualize" to the car. Just about ANY Flasher Relay (as long as it's 12v) will work. You may find that one that is labeled as being "LOUD" may be of help.


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Some one forgot to mention where the turn signal flasher IS. It's over on the upper passenger side kick panel.

The emergency flasher is heavy duty (like Enrique said) because it is flashing all 4 corners at once, where as the turn signal flasher only flashes 2 lights at a time.

By "europa" model, I'm guesing you mean the U.K. version. There is not very many changes between the two of them (U.S.A verses U.K.) so the colors are vertually the same. Like Arne said, 4-way flasher is Blue/white and Green/white and the book says 1 green and 1 white for the turn signal flasher.

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