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  1. hi guys i whant to bring a vinyl sunroof in my 1972 240Z, is anybody here and know wher i can buy one ?? in the early years WEBASTO build this but not now. britax is a company that i find in the internet but know nothing ?? or the best is a old original one for a 240Z. thanks peter
  2. Hi wher is the best place to buy parts for my Hitachi Caburator the 240Z is build 7/1971 i think that is the early Caburator model HJG46W. i need new needels and seats. thanks
  3. can sombody help me to find a new/rebuild or very good STEERING RACK for my 240Z 1971. is there a shop werhe i can buy it ( there must ship to GERMANY ) i fin one by V.B. for $409,75 + shipping. know sombody a lower price ??? THANKS !!
  4. now i know the mistake i forgot the grease. Thanks !!
  5. i have change the the 4 transverse link bushings with the car is jack up,and tighten the 8 bolts ( with 3.2 kg-m ) that fix the transverse link. then i bring the car on there weels and a person with 60kg on the rear axle and tighten the transvere link inner bolts ( with 15 kg-m ) .....ready ???? so but now if the car bounces it sounds like a old door ??????? where is the mistake ???? i hope sombody understand the quastion from a german with no good englisch language .!!!!!!! thanks:cry:
  6. build year about the number 7/71 first time on the street 5/ 72
  7. hi rolf beim deutschen z+zx club geht doch nichts ....oder ???? da wird gesagt achim weidling hätte das club teilelager ....nur is da nichts drinnen. gruss peter hi rolf in the german z+zx club works nothing....or ???? everybody says achim weidling has the cub part stock .... but there is nothing inside. regards peter
  8. hi i got the one with the LEVER ,hope you find the URL. thanks peter:knockedou
  9. hi thomas nice to see a german on this page ,now i think we are four germans here !! sorry but i can't help you but hope to see your car on the streets in 2006 .my own one will come ( i hope ) in may in the street. regards peter
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