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  1. Just a quick note. Had mine done and the guy does many jobs for local restorers. Charlotte Soda Blasting. Great guy, does good work. You do have to get the residue off. He is very specific about what to do before painting. You basically clean it with vinegar and water in a small pressure washer. After that you are done. What I like is that the car won't scale. I have had it in the garage for 6 months with no prep and the surface has never rusted. Do all your work and then prep with the vinegar solution and then apply primer. It was also very good with bits that were left on the car. It stripped everything(undercoat, rust, etc) but took it very easy on brake lines that I left on it, also did not cut out all the body sealer. Cleans it up, shows you where it is but does not strip it out entirely. Also made the striker plates look like new. IMO, I wouldn't write soda blasting off yet
  2. Brooks, all good advice above. Save yourself some time with the passenger floorboard and don't try to get the tar mat off. Its toast. Just cut the whole board out. If you think the drivers side is salvagable then start peeling the tar mat out, lots of fun. Also follow the passenger side pan support rail forward and check it out. Usually the rust starts under the battery tray area and the cancer spreads down through the pan support and floor pan. If you're going to replace some of it, you might as well get it all. Have fun, find some heat and get a big bottle of wine or vodka
  3. Steve, great job on the rehab. I have followed it and I know it has had its pitfalls. Looks great!! Good luck on the rest!
  4. Lonny, that ain't bad at all. The outside pic doesn't do justice to the underside pics. Mike is right, a dunk is good, I might suggest a soda blast. Not much work and you're back on track
  5. Hey guys, back up after a time off. I hear you on the compressor quandry, been there. Started with the Craftsman 5hp 30gal tank(6scfm I think). Won't run a cutoff tool or strait line or da sander. Also won't run the air sabre saw nor a small abrasive blaster without blowing up. Also if you want to paint with an HVLP gun, you need higher CFM at low pressure. Go to Home Depot, they will have a two stage compressor that is about 3-5hp with a 60 gal tank, that will get you up to about 12 scfm/10.5 scfm at 40/90. You can get this model for $799 in my area. They have a bigger one on display(80 gal, 7hp) but it is $1699. The smaller one will work for most of us hacks. Also dittos on the noise. The old Craftsman would bring everyone out to the garage to yell at me about the noise, funny to see my daughter holding her ears and telling me to be quiet she can't hear Sponge BobLOL . Thats the best deal I found for the money. PS, if you can, get the best air dryer you can afford, will save your tools and help greatly if you want to paint. Ok, someone help get my welding back on track!!!
  6. World Be Free, at first glance it could make you wince, but situation is normal. Do the thread search and you will find many threads about our friend rust. Pay attention to the frame rails and support rails under the car, and as E mentioned the rockers. If all of those are shot, could be time for donor shell. Any way, it will be good learning experience and it was FREE!! Have fun, I'm heading into the garage to welding now!!
  7. Ron, sounds like you got a good deal, especially with all the extra parts. I remember reading that one in e-bay and thought it was a good deal even if the body was shot. Post some pics. I'm the worst with taking pics but I like to see what others are doing. Have fun
  8. Shane, check out Jackhammers gallery, he did what Gary is talking about, though I'm not sure about the hatch. It always helps me to have pictures:-)
  9. I'm a little behind also, but old the old girl is now super clean as it got a soda blast for xmas as well as complete front suspension(ball joints,tie rods) and new calipers and brake cylinders for all corners. Momma Santa did pretty good. I managed to form a passenger floor pan over the holidays while we had 70 degree weather in Charlotte, turned out better than I thought it would, if I do say so myself. The rotisserie got off road tires so I could roll it in the driveway(gravel) without building a road with 2 x 12's. Now it is cold. Hopefully get to some welding this afternoon. Pics to follow
  10. Looks great Dave, know your glad to have it going again, yeah the panasports look awesome
  11. Eric, have a friend who has the 4 barrel. Ran rich forever, until he got a smaller Holley than the one that came with the kit. Could never jet it correctly and the outlying cylinders seemed to run lean. I have the DGV's and they ran great when the car ran last, but the guy who installed them took the time to rejet. Whenever I get the old girl back together, I'm going with Z-Therapy SU's. Have the cores to send them in my cabinet. I think I tried to give an opinion in there somewhere??? Good luck, your motor looks great. I think the SU's polished with the euro balance tube and some cool air filters would make the motor look even better and run great. Maybe a mild cam also!!
  12. Chris, my thought exactly. I am envious of Mikes floor pans. Saved a bunch of time(and money) on that one. Looks like his car is in great shape period. The white vinyl looks brand new. I would suspect that there is "surface rust" all inside the frame rails under the pans and that will eventually come throught the pans. I guess all you can do is inject some metal ready and then try your best to inject some por
  13. Sounds good Marc. Have fun and give us a call when you get to Iron Station
  14. Marc, looks like a good find, even in the wilds of AK. As Jack said, once you start to get into it, you will find a lot of hidden "goodies"(read rust). But thats just part of the love. Clean it up(looks good now) fire it up and have fun before you tear it apart. Where are you moving to in NC, lot of good Z guys down here to help you get going
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