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Embarrassing... Oil Change Question...


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This is my first oil change since getting the car (took it to a Z Shop for the first one) and my Haynes manual is still on order.. and it's been a long time since I changed the oil on my '78 back in High School...

I'm heading to the store on the way home from work and, ummm... (sigh)

How much oil? 6 quarts?

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Oil change is very easy.

1) Drop the oil.

2) Unscrew the oil filter.

3) Take your finger and lube up the new oil filter's gasket. Install new filter. I like to tighten mine just a hair tighter than hand.

4) Add oil.

Most cars hold around 3-4qts of oil. I normally put 4-4.5.

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Be sure to physically slide your finger on the mating surface of the block at the oil filter plate, to make sure the old gasket is not there. Don't just look at the gasket on the old oil filter....there could of been a 2nd gasket on there and you were just lucky it sealed.

Old Jiffylube manager trick....

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Let me guess....it must be Saturday night. Guy's...I don't think I can take another weekend like last weekend with the battle of deed restrictions and city ordinances or better known as the deedee " Is this Stupid or What" thread.

I am out a here on this one...before this can be called "Is this Stupid or What":classic:

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