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  1. Some people like synthetic and some don't. Here is the reason why I don't use synthetic. Dirt and fuel gets in oil. Fuel is a corrosive. Fuel separates from oil and is a non lubricant. Do you want to be pumping corrosive causing elements around your engine for 5-10,000 miles? Some people will even go 15-20K on an oil change Do as you wish. I use valvoline 20W50 High Miles. I've switched to valvoline from Castrol because valvoline is refined in the United States:classic: Here's some links http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/ ( Great site. This guy has done lost of tests to back himself up) http://www.micapeak.com/info/oiled.html (More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Motor Oil) http://motorcycleinfo.calsci.com/Oils1.html (All About Oil)
  2. Try suvlights.com. They make universal wiring harness. Give them a call and see what they can do.
  3. judging by the poll results it looks like the 240z Club Mailing List is not on the popular list. I've been a member of the 240z.org mailing list for years. I've never been much of an active user on the club site but I pay close attention to the mailing list. In my line of work it easier for me to follow my e-mail.
  4. Oil change is very easy. 1) Drop the oil. 2) Unscrew the oil filter. 3) Take your finger and lube up the new oil filter's gasket. Install new filter. I like to tighten mine just a hair tighter than hand. 4) Add oil. Most cars hold around 3-4qts of oil. I normally put 4-4.5.
  5. From what I've studied the K&N type air filters do flow more air. Not much more than any paper filter. Only a few thousands more than the conventional paper . They help for those with High end race cars. Where every bit of air the engine can get is needed.
  6. For a daily driver I'm more focused on filtration vs airflow. http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/airfilter/airtest1.htm
  7. Carl, when my Orange 240Z was bought the car came with a airdam. It's black in color. Just big enough to keep the front tires from lifting off the ground at high speed. I've always enjoyed the looks.
  8. Everything works now. Thank you Mike.
  9. I would guess 5600 would include the cost of his labor, original purchase any parts. His time must be worth a lot of money.
  10. Doesn't e-bay have insurance?
  11. Congratulations Sean. I wish you the best luck.
  12. Could you post the link to the thread. Is this over ad Zcar.com or hybrid?
  13. Hey guys, I would not knock the car that bad. Be a great daily driver turbo conversion. The car is not 1,000. More like $500. $500 for the car, another 500 for a running turbo. Should make a good daily driver. ItalysBadBoy (Allan) I would kick the price down to $500. A non running 240Z is not going to fetch much.
  14. There's a guy over a Zhome.com who has a supercharged L6. The engine and supercharger was custom built himself. Stroking and running a turbo is just plain out stupid. Don't get me wrong. If your rich enough go for it. The cost would be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Basically it is whichever you like better. Do you like a N/A over a turbo? Are you trying to get power for cheep? Turbo is the most economical choice. You get the most power out of you money. Naturally aspired are my preference. I don't have enough loot for one. Second. Do you plan on doing all the work yourself. A stroker takes seasoned personal. For the DIY your much better buying a turbo L6 push up the boost and enjoy.
  15. A black pearl edition with all of the paper work is comparable to an original 1970 240Z(in price). A black pearl without any documentation is the same as any other S30Z.