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hey all im finally back on the forums but i need a question answered


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hey all im finally back on the forums but i need a question answered. i want to make my 71 240z a turbo z which engine can i swap so it will be turbo also do anyof you have one for sale or know anybody with what i need to do this for sale cuz i wanna buy the engine and put it in and drive :) i know its not that simple though...

can i put a 280zx turbo engine in the 71' 240z ? without problems plz let me know because i needto know this asap

because i had a chane to buy one and the guy sold it because i told him i couldnt use it after a friend told me it wasnt possible . also i cant ge ta v-8 because my uncle wont let me since this is my 1st car. also i want turbo and i want this car to have some balls :). also which 5 speed tranny is best for this particular situation im in and alsowhats the compresion i should run and

how much do you all think to get what i want to work ...?

i got 4800 but dont know where to start in terms of making the car turbo and swaping the engine.

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whew...with 4800 you can do a pretty nice job i think. Swapping out an L28T is no problem from what i heard....you can buy one new or used. Another option besides the turbo is to make modifications to the original engine...tripple webbers, performance exhaust, E31 head, electronic ignition, L28 valves, performance cam, 3.90 diff...theres quite alot you can do with the original engine and still have one hell of a beast!

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i was thinking of what you said grantman and it is true you can have one helluva beast. but the problem with that is gas mileage can you afford to drive it. thats what made me decide to go turbo.

ill have efi reliability, turbo power, and great gas mileage. for more power just turn up the boost.

i was thinking of using the same turbo motor im buying, going to flat tops with my E88 head with bigger valves, port polish and tripple dell orto 40mm carbs. i would have been running 10:1 and had quite a sweet ride.

the only problem is the gas mileage. sure you would get good mileage for normal driving, but as soon as you open those six barrels watch the gas goo..

that is something i would miss. i love the intake sound tripples make, but by the same token i love the whuuurrr of the turbo.


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yes that is very true ZmeFly...gas mileage would sucks, its just that i dont like turbos for some reason or another. I just like a NA engine that can kill most things, especially gas (no, i dont like that). A turbo though is a very easy and efficient way to get power, and with 4500 you can do a VERY nice job of it (intercooler, boost control, etc...). The question is do you want a new engine or a used one? You can find used engines all over the place but new ones are a little harder to find.

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Originally posted by 71datsun240z

im on my way out the door but does anybody know where i can get a l28t engine for my car? so i can do the turbo conversion...

ATK engines is supposedly pretty good. I'm planning on purchasing an engine from them very soon.


Looks like you can also get things like turbo chargers, heads, and transmissions as well.

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