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  1. can you email me pleas my email is claytontrapp@hotmail.com im not on my computer im on a friends mine is down so i cant go online very much
  2. so everything is included in the deal for the carbs? the linkage and all equipment for them right? also the carbs need a rebuild or are they ready to bolt on? and what mm are the carbs i sisnt see were they 45mm? or 44mm? thnx, clayton
  3. hey dude ill buy those carbs ok? how much for shipping ? i live in california 94580 san lorenzo 16140 via sonora 510 area code lemi know thnx ive been looking for 44/45 mm triple carbs seriously i have so let me know thnx dude i hope they arent sold alredy =(
  4. heh ya hondas suck i hate them with a passion
  5. hehe srry fergot to mention it was a 350 built ground up with internals done to it. the topic i posted was when i was sleepy but was still in awe . but yea it wasmt a stock 350
  6. omfg V8 POWERED Z'S ARE INSANE in "a certain spot" i saw a v8 powered 240z line up with another person and then when they were flagged the 240z let the other car(prelude) have 6 car lengths before he even mooved 1 foot..... he started off the line at an angle fro mthe tourqe and at the end of the 1/4 mile run he was still sidways at the angle heh and beat the prelude by at least 10 car lengths.... insane power out of the 350 chavy small block.... the prelude was a 12 second car....
  7. so then if its stock then by shaveing the head would make it like the performance head correct? also is it worth working on to get it to be like that?
  8. ok so i am assuming the e-31 head is the best head out there for z's right? well i popped my hood of my car to just take a look at the engine and i looked at the lower part of the head and theengine block it was a L24 i saw which was right and then the head was e-31 head and was already on my z?... was that stock or did someone else put that on? and the head cover is unpolished aluminum
  9. who has the 305hp engine and does it have alot of tourqe? and how much did it cost to get the engien the way it is plz lemi know
  10. i live in the U.S.A. california CA 94580 san lorenzo in the bay area
  11. just thought id add somethign to you statement about dragging around.... horse power sells cars tourqe wins races .....
  12. yes but who has the block for sale i mean like just the block+the pistons = the power of the stroker crank? how much more displacement will it have over the stroker? 2.4L-3.6L? =) im hopeing to get the same amount of tourqe as my friend 84 300zx which is stock but loads of tourqe i want that but in my datsun which wieghs much much less
  13. hey all i need t oknow if this engien combo will work ? and if not let me know what will be needed to get it to work ook? billet aluminum flywheel+stock 7'1 L24 engine+L28d crank+E-31 head+40mm tripple webber carbs+77 280 z 5 speed+perfromance clutch. the part im not sure about is the desil crank? what do i have to do to get the crank to run in my engien what parts am i going to need to build around that and the parts that i have said will they work with the crank? or will i have to start with a l28 engine or can i just bore the l24 to the apropriate bore. plz lemi know thnx what
  14. nah dude every little bit helps i thank your for the info =)
  15. bare meaning what? like what else would be needed so that it would be ready to be set onto the lower block and ready to run? what would a ready to run e-31 head cost me? d oyou think?
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