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It's MINE!!!! WOOOO!!! (new z car owner)


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Good for you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure yours is as beautiful to you as mine is to me. I don't even have the nice looking primer yet.

I still have rust where your primer is, but I do have all the replacement panels. It is just a matter of cutting out the cancer and welding in the new.

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Welcome aboard Scott! I'm almost your neighbor.....I live over the hill from you in Santa Paula. Boy, your in deep now.....the Z bug is very contagious and sometimes expensive, as you probably already know. Plus, you have joined a very unique croud here! Lots of info to be had as well as emotional support...when needed.

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I wanted to be the first to welcome you, But since thease knuckle heads beat me to it. Ill just welcome you anywayz!


Don't mind our resident hillbilly. He's the "Moe" of our club's famous trio. You'll soon be able to pick out "Larry" and "Curly". ROFL :surprised :tapemouth

J/K about Moe. Billy-Bob is one of our good ol'boy members and he's done lurnt a bunch!

Ok, Ok. Sorry Bill ... couldn't resist. :bandit:

Heck, Bill isn't all bad, Vicky seems to like him and that makes him OK.

Welcome, and if you have questions do a search, and feel free to add a post on the threads that you need further clarification on. You'll probably find that some items have been added to time and time again.


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Tom, Vic (and anyone else in the So Cal area), if you hear about any local events or club meets etc. give me a shout or post on it. I'd love to come hang out and see a few cool cars in the process.

Thanks again everyone! I can't wait to get to work on it. :D

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Well Scott,

Saturday will be a red letter day. Nice to see you are so excited. I warn you though, that excitment can translate to much fun and much money. Enjoy, and I hope to see you while I'm in your area one of these days. I'll be in Oxnard on the 14th for the week.


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One HUGE word of caution/advise:


This is of course, presuming the car is running. If it isn't, then do just the necessary items to get it running first.....THEN address the fixin' up.

Case in point: I just bought a 72 240 for $500 because the owner had decided to "repair" what he felt were "not real good" brakes....4 years ago. The car had been on jacks since he tore the front end apart and his wife told him to get it out of the garage.....or else. Sad to say, his loss is my gain.

So, like a new pair of boots, find out where they chafe before you go stretching them out and make them loose as a goose and break your ankles.



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