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  1. Sorry man,

    Never did fix it. Just pulled the horns off. Hope i don't need them

  2. Mark,

    I have read a post dealing with your horn problem a year or so ago. Did you ever find out what was wrong with it. Mine is doing a very similar thing and I have done everything I know to do and still getting that muffled sound or just a hint of a sound and then a click.

    How did you fix yours.

    Thanks for the assist


  3. I have white face plates installed on my 71' 240. Here are some tips: You will probably want to change your bulbs while you are at it. I replaced my bulbs with RED color bulbs (found on the internet somewhere) You must remove the green plastic bulb covers from the gauge housings so the colored light will shine through While you have the housing apart and the face plate removed, paint the inside of the housing bright white. (rattle can is ok) This will help reflect the light and you will get better illumination You wil also want to paint the needles on the guages. I used RED, most people use fl
  4. NissanMaster, I saw your car @ the Walter Mitty this weekend.
  5. ah.. i see... I think i have seen people with 245/45/17 maybe that would rub. As i said, I am still doing research. I thought maybe 16 size tire so i would have more rubber, but i am not opposed to 17" rims
  6. With 8" & 9" wheels & stock fenders, how are you not rubbing when going over bumps. It seems that the height clearance would not be good. Do you tires not stick out beyond the fenders? Of course with fender flares, the hole point for me is to have my wheels stick out to match the width of the flares. Maybe that is done via the "offset" or "spacers" I am not that familiar with how the whole wheel set up works. I am in my research phase at the moment. When I get the flares bonded on and paint my car, I will be in serious need thanks mark
  7. It doesn't look like anyone has answered you, but I too am considering these wheels. I have a 71' 240z w/ stock suspension. I too have molded flares. About 3.5" wider in front & 4" wider in back. all fenders have been cut for higher clearence. Back outer fenders re-welded to the inner fender. I would like to run 16X8 wheels on front & 16X9 in rear. Any advice on which wheel / tire combo is best would be appreciated. Mark Dixon
  8. TOXIC, My advise to you.... Sell your car for whatevery you can get for it. Save your money and buy a Z that has already been fixed up/restored/refreshed You will spend much more money if you try to fix up yourself. especially if you are not planning on doing most of the work yourself. I as well as most of the people on this forum has spent much more money on restoring their Z than they will ever be able to get out of it if we sell it. However, when I take my car to the Historic races at Road Atlanta and people come up to me and tell me what a nice Z I have; the proud feeling I get by telling
  9. I have a set of those JDM covers too. Mine came with the car. The original owner bought the car in Japan where he was a seargent in the Army. He got the covers in Japan when he bought the car. I have been thinking about making a mold and making fiberglass copies. They mount on the top of the headlight bucket, so you could actually mount the standard plexy headlight covers and mount the fiberglass rings on top. I want to paint mine black, and don't have the heart to paint the original rings. Especially since they are in souch good shape. Mark
  10. Thanks Bartman. I guess I should have spent the extra money. I didn't see that they would be that much better at the time. I guess I was wrong. Mark
  11. Bartman, excuse me if I am wrong, but those are not the Kaminari side skirts shown in your photos. That is the same skirt that I have. These are the classic style side skirts. Are you telling me you have no glue attaching the skirts to your body? Just screws on the ends at the wheel wells and at the door jam???? Thanks, Mark
  12. I do plan to mount them peranently with E6000 adhesive. That is why I wanted to know if it would be best to just suff the primer on the rocker, shoot rattle can auto paint and mount the skirts before I take it to the paint shop. I will be sure to sand down any "rattle can" paint that is over-sprayed beyond where the skirts will be covering. I am sanding they whole care with 360 grit just before it goes to paint. thanks for your advise. mark
  13. I just received my Motorsports Side Skits. Which by the way aren't even close to fiting my 240Z. I plan to cut, re-fiberglass and fix them. My question is: My car is done with prep and primer and ready to go to the painter. Do I fix and fit the side skirts for my car, and have the car and the side skirts painted seperatly? Or should I attach the skirts and have them painted on the car? It would make more sense to have them painted on the car, but the car is currently only painted with primer. I don't want to have un-protected (primer only) areas underneath the skirts. So do I spray rattle c
  14. you can get that rear hatch piece from several parts suppliers for $110.00 you should be able to get it welded on for less than $400 I bought the rear end from a 280z and had a body shop cut out the lower hatch piece you are talking about. Cut out the rusted hatch of my 240 and weld in the new piece for $400. The 280z rear end cost me $100
  15. you are talking about the original OEM light covers. They are smooth curve. No cut line edge. These came with chrome rings to surround the cover. These style do not mount inside the light bucket like the newer ones. they actually sit on top of the headlight bucket. I have some on my Z. My 240Z was purchased in Japan in 1971 by an Army Srgt. You can probably find them used for about $600 or There is a company in Japan that sells them NEW for about $1200 billcapp has some pictures of this style in his gallery. I could not figure out how to upload them.
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