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Talk about Coincidences!


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A few days ago I was driving and saw a gold 280ZX 10th Anniversary edition in a driveway in my neighborhood. Pulled over and looked it- in absolutely possitive mint condition. No scraches, forget about rust, and not a single wear mark on the interior. The owner came out and we talked a bit- told him about my 260 in the garage currently being wrenched on. He is the original first owner and the ZX has only 26,xxx miles on her! His garage is heated and air condition and dust-sealed- how nice it would be to have money......

About a month or so ago I was with the Z in the driveway when a guy from a lawnmowing business who was mowing my neighbors lawn stopped and came over and asked me about my Z. Turns out he has an original Series 1 1971 240Z at home being saved from the wrecking yard. He also has a friend who has a 1973 240Z getting it's tired L24 rebuilt. Around here (rust belt), Z's are about as common a kangaroos so I was impressed to see this many Zeds around. When we all get our cars fixed up we're gonna cruise together- sounds cheesy but seeing 3 classic restored Zeds together on the road would be a lovely sight to see.

I also told the guy about this site and MSA (he said he was having trouble finding parts) so he might pop up on here.


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In my neighborhood there is an '81 280ZX, a '77 280z and a '72 240z in addition to my cars all within about 200 yds of each other. The guy with the 280z lives about 5 houses down from me, the 240z is one street over on the north side and the 280zx is on the same street on the south side.

They are still running around if you look. Of course, I keep mine behind a locked gate or in the garage due to the rash of Z thefts in the Bay Area over the last year or so.

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Oh, gosh, oh, golly gee willickers,

Will, I didn't think of that aspect mate. If that was the case, he'd be in for quite a shock.

Have you checked out the rogue's gallery have ya ??? Me good lookin' ????

Yair, .... you're right, ....... I am. :love::love:

Hey, Gary, ... I've still got my fingers crossed mate. She wasn't all that bad for an old chook.

Jeff me old mate.

You young blokes might think of a Zed as a "chick magnet" but, take my word for it, .... a nice Zed attracts the old chooks as well. LOL


:devious: :devious:

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