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Another z bites the dust

Mr Camouflage

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Just watching the new tonight and saw in the last shot of a news report a picture of the front of a smashed up 260z (could have been a 240, but it had the side indicators of a 260). Was dark metallic blue by the looks of it. In Melbourne.

Dont know if it was the car being chased by the police, or it it was one of the parked cars.

From ninmsn news:

Driver injured after police chase

18:16 AEST Sat Aug 20 2005


A driver fleeing police was seriously injured when his car crashed in Melbourne.

Police said they had tried to intercept the car, which had been speeding.

They chased the man briefly, then ended their pursuit, a police spokesman said.

Several minutes later, at about 2.15am (AEST), the vehicle hit two parked cars and a shopfront on the corner of Cotham Road and Hight Street in the eastern suburb of Kew.

The 26-year-old driver was taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious condition.


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I was driving home yesterday after work and passed a white 280z that had T-boned a taxi. The cabie was doing a U-ie at an intersection and the Zed was speeding to get through the lights. Looks like the Zed was going way to fast because there wasn't much left of the front end of the Zed. Looks like a write off. I don't think anyone was badly hurt.

Speeding during peek hour traffic isn't a good idea... Too many inattentive freaks on the road all at once, fighting for pole position.

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